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4E Farlanthia

4E Farlanthia is a 4E D&D game, set in a Medieval Celtic/Arthurian/Faerie world. It is a sequel to a previous d20 campaign called d20 Norse.

The Player Characters


Read the adventure recaps and the bluebooking.


Find out what the PCs have uncovered.

The Estate

The PCs have a home! Come check it out.

Their home resides in the city of Durein.

House Rules

Character Creation

Death and Dying


Skill Challenges

Allowable 4E Material

History of Farlanthia

A Brief History of the Game World


Creation of Man.

Creation of Fey (Elves, Eladrin, Dwarves, etc.)

Creation of Tieflings or Sand People.

Creation of Dragonborn.

Creation of Shifters.


A cursory look into the religion, morality, and practices in Farlanthia.


Patron Saints



The different kingdoms and notable features.

The Various Lordship titles and rank.

The Various Knightly Orders.

One of the ancient Great Houses of the Silverwood Elves.

A treatise on Halfling Culture.

Madrigand’s letter to witchhunters regarding Warlocks

The forbidden history of the Lord Kings of the Spire of Sarl.

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