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Age of Wonders, Hessig, Gedjik, and the two swords.

As men began to settle across the whole of the earth, their knowledge of magic was very strong. In those days, each man, woman, and child knew the workings of Kol and was able to create things with magic. Homes could be built from stone magic- no labor or effort was needed. People could travel from one city to the next by flying- no walking was needed. Food could be created already cooked, if it was cold outside they could warm themselves, and there was no dust or dirt within each house. People lived a life of ease and peace- each one had what they needed and no one quarreled over anything. People devoted their time to learning and the pursuit of knowledge. All forms of poetry, music, and art were made and were beautiful.

There was a man named Hessig that lived during the time of wonderful magic, but he himself possessed very little magic and everything that he made everyone thought was not as good as something else. “Well, it’s not as bad as a Hessig,” had become a common saying and Hessig found himself becoming more and more saddened as time passed.

Hessig spent many days walking among the mountains in search of a gem that he could try and craft into something beautiful. One day, he climbed farther and further than he ever had before and he stumbled into a great Wyrms lair. The Wyrm was asleep, and so Hessig crept very quietly to where the Wyrm kept his treasures. Everything here is so beautiful, thought Hessig, I will just take one gem and then show it to everyone, and they will all like me. But as Hessig touched the gem, the Wyrm awoke and came crashing down upon him. Quick to speak, Hessig shouted at the Wyrm, “O, great and mighty dragon, do not kill me! I have come up this mountain in search of beautiful things, and this gem, this tiny gem least of all the gems in your hoard is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Please let me have just this one gem!”

The clever wyrm saw Hessig’s plight as an opportunity. “Here,” said the wyrm, “I will show you instead how to temper steel and make a sword.” So the wyrm showed Hessig how to make a sword, and crafted the blade from fine blue steel, the hilt from exotic wolf leather, and the guard for burnished gold. In the pommel of the sword, the wyrm placed the gem that Hessig desired so much. Confident in his handiwork, the wyrm sent Hessig on his way.

When Hessig returned to his people, they were all very much impressed with the beauty of Hessig’s sword. Hessig soon became the talk of many people, how he had gone into the mountains and had come back with the sword. The sword, such a thing! But no one knew what to make of it since it was the first sword ever made. Hessig enjoyed his new friends and soon his fame spread to many different places.

Word of this sword reached the ear of Gedjik. Now Gedjik was king over much land and his skin was the color of bronze. He was favored of Ignel, and spent much of his time under the hard sun’s gaze. Gedjik’s skin made him the most beautiful of all men, and women came from miles and miles just to gaze upon his countenance. But soon his admirers heard of Hessig’s sword, and they went off to see what Hessig was about.

This, as you can imagine, disturbed Gedjik greatly. “Am I not the most beautiful of men? What is this fascination that could possibly be more beautiful than me?” He said one day. Ignel replied, “The sword is indeed a splendid item. Here, I shall send one of my children to teach you the making of the sword, and you can be twice as beautiful as you were before.” Gedjik liked this idea, and so all through the night he and the Vier’angel forged a second sword, more beautiful than the first. The blade was made of star metal and shimmered in the moonlight, the guard was made from silver and shone like liquid starlight, and the hilt was made from the woven hair of the daughters of Athel. In the pommel, the Vier’angel placed one of his eyes, a ruby so red it burned like fire. In the morning, when the sword was finished, Gedjik took the sword and journeyed to where Hessig lived.

When he arrived, Hessig was showing the sword to all his admirers. Gedjik stood next to Hessig, and said, “Here! You have all come to see Hessig’s sword, but behold! The sword of Gedjik is more beautiful!” And with that, Gedjik raised the blade above his head and the sunlight gleamed off of it so brightly that everyone was nearly blinded from its beauty.

Hessig, once again outdone by someone else, was filled with rage and jealousy, and crept up behind Gedjik, his blade raised to kill. But the eye in the pommel of Gedjik’s sword saw Hessig and warned Gedjik just in time to save his life! Gedjik turned and cut at Hessig. Gedjik’s blade was the stronger, and when it broke he cut down Hessig and spilled the life out of him.

Thus, the first man died and thus the age of wonders ended.

God, sensing the life ebb out of Hessig was enraged at Gedjik. God banished Gedjik, his family, and all those within his house to the land of the burning sands, Siardom, south of Farldom. As a bucket with a hole in it drains slowly of water, so did magic from mankind because of the death of one of them. God pronounced judgment on all of man, “Because you did not think it wise to worship me with magic, but instead worshipped the things of magic, I will take magic from you. Now you will till the earth with the sweat of your brow, now you will walk and grow weary, now you will be hungry and not find enough food to eat, now you will grow thirsty and not find enough water to drink, and now your homes will collect dirt and dust, leak when it rains, and all manner of calamity will come upon you because you did not think it wise to retain my wisdom.” He turned to Hessig’s body and spoke, “Rise” and Hessig returned to life. Hessig fell on his face and he and all his family worshipped God. To Hessig and his family God said, “Because you were despised of men, I will allow you to continue to keep the use of your magic. But beware; magic will be dangerous for you now that I cannot protect you.”

So that is why only certain people can cast magic freely, they are the children of Hessig. That is also why the people from the desert have bronzed skin- they are the children of Gedjik.


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