Farlanthia Home

Judgment of God and the resting place of souls.

Before leaving the earth, God placed within man and woman a small shard of Kol, saying, “Here, this will grant you some power over the magic that is in this world. Be careful, for the magic is powerful and may harm or kill you. I have written on this shard all that is necessary for you to know the good from the bad, right from wrong. Follow that which is right, and when you die, your spirit may pass on to Eldom and dine with me for all eternity. If you follow neither, you will be cast into Kythordom and will wait for my judgment until all things have died. Be wary, however, that you do not find yourself following the path of evil. For I swear to you that you will share in the fire dragon’s fate in Orakdom.”

With the shattering of Kol, this was the end of all new things.


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