The world of Farlanthia

Fey Kingdoms

The Feywilde, a place of enchantment and magic.

The Hoarfrost, an unforgiving arctic rain forest.

The Norwood, as savage as it is beautiful.

The Silverwood, with the magical Silver Lake.

Kingdoms of Man

Faddain: a land gripped by an evil King.

Estora: a land thick with barbarians and undead.

Pellen: with the world’s capitol of Norrel, this is a land of knowledge and arts.

Durein: a land of rolling hills, perfect for the fine horses they breed and the companies of Knights which ride them.

Melidan: a land of squabbling island city-states.

Lands beyond the Kingdoms of Man

Goblin Swamps: a festering marshland that breed hideous monsters.

The Icewall: as far north as you can go there is a wall made of ice and hate. Beyond this wall live the Ice Giants, ever vengeful towards mankind.

Sarldom: across the sea to the south lies a land of mystery and intrigue, where the cursed children of Gedjik live out their lives.

Shadowfell: an alternate reality, where everything has turned to ruin and decay. A playground for foul creatures and the unseelie court.


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