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The breaking of Kol, and the creation of Magic

While God was showing man and woman how to make things with tools and how to cultivate the earth and the plants in it, the dragon, ever crafty and sneaky, stole up behind God and watched Him teaching man and woman. Seeing how much they worshipped God, the fire dragon was envious of God and tried to steal the hammer, Kol, once again. God, however, was not as easily duped as his sons and as soon as the dragon took hold of Kol, God called Ved and gripped it in both hands, and struck such a powerful blow at the dragon as to cut all of creation in half. The dragon, in haste to save his own life, blocked the sword with the only thing in his possession, the hammer Kol.

Kol Shattered.

And in the shattering of Kol, magic entered the world.

And shattering shards of Kol broke forth, all manner of strange beasts were created. The animals that were most nearby were struck with large pieces and so gained man-like attributes, the animals farther out were struck with smaller pieces and were combined to form horrific chimeras, and even the animals farthest out were hit with the dust of Kol and changed and given some power over magic.

Some of the shards of Kol were lodged deep within the earth and formed themselves into the Gnomes- creatures of skill in the earth.

Some shards of Kol formed themselves into Elves- powerful creatures with the ability to control others.

Still, some of the smaller shards formed the first Väki- elemental creatures.

And still other tinier pieces of Kol formed the sprites- trickster creatures.


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