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The Elements and Dragons

Before the beginning of all things there was God, and apart from God there was nothing. So God bellowed with a deep voice and into being was formed Kol, the hammer of creation. And with Kol, God forged into being the elements with which he was to make everything else. As God was forging the world, he struck the elements and forced them into shapes and various things. The elements, however, did not want to be shaped thus, and instead conspired together against God. They fashioned for themselves bodies of destruction, with rending claws and poisonous fangs, keen eyes and powerful wings they assaulted God from all directions. But God is all-wise and saw their attack coming. With a battle cry louder than any trumpet, God created the sword Ved and leapt into battle with such fiery fury that the elements were immediately beaten. First, God slew the water dragon and used its blood to make the rivers and oceans and used the bones of the dragon to make the great ice walls. Then God subdued the earth dragon, and forced it to lie down and sleep and become the earth and to grow in the ways God commanded it. The fire dragon God caged and bound within the bones of the earth dragon, which the fire dragon cannot melt. This greatly angered the fire dragon, and he tries daily to destroy all that God has created. The air dragon, seeing his brethren beaten and destroyed, tried to run away from God. He can never truly escape God, but he tries and so the clouds in the sky are the dust the air dragon creates in his never ending quest to run away.

With the conflict over and the elements subdued, God once again picked up the hammer Kol and began to shape the world and everything in it. God named the earth Farldom, and it was good.


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