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History of Farlanthia

Creation of the World

Beginning with the creation of the world, the world of Farlanthia has been one of conflict. A Brief Myth of the creation story follows.

Elohim created the world from the elemental chaos. The Chaos did not like this, and created Dragons to fight back against Elohim. Elohim won that battle, and returned to his work of creation by making the Angels.

The Angels were not, however, as obedient as they should be, and so Elohim had to punish them. Elohim was disapointed, however, with his Angels, and so decided to make mankind. While he did so, however, the ever-crafty Fire Dragon stole the Hammer of Creaion and it shattered.

With some of the pieces of the hammer of creation, Elohim formed the different worlds like Fey and Shadowfell and magic.

Finally, the Sun, Moon, and Stars were created and mankind was taught the making of stone and steel.

The First Age: The Age of Wonder

The first age of man is characterized by unbridled power and virtue. There was no disease, anger, hate, hurt, or sadness in the first age of man. In fact, it was such a paradise where if you wanted anything at all, you could have it. Each and every person was born with tremendous arcane and divine power that nothing was beyond their grasp. They created glorious civilizations and artifacts of wondrous power.

The first age came to an end with the death of the first man. As water drains from a bucket, so too did magic drain from mankind.

The Second Age: The Age of Destruction

The nothing that was not Elohim and the chaos that was not him caught the magic that drained from mankind, and through it, created the devils, demons, and abominations. They set upon the world of man with such ferocity that were it not for the timely intervention of Elohim, all of man would have been slain. Even so, much of the wonder and beauty of the world was destroyed and the knowledge was forgotten.

The second age came to an end when Elohim appointed one man to rule over all, Elric Pendragon.

The Third Age: The Age of Man

Elric Pendragon united the armies of men and fought back against the demons, devils, abominations, dragons, goblins, giants, unseelie fey, and all manner of strange beast to secure the world for mankind. In doing so, he set up a stable feudal society which spanned most of the known world. He defeated many great powers and made allies with many others.

It was a time of heroes and great deeds which ended when Lyssa Pendragon (Elric’s daughter sent into the future with ancient arcane magic) defeated and imprisoned Fimbulvetter (the Storm King) the last and final of mankind’s great enemies.

The Fourth Age: The Age of Enlightenment

During the millennia that followed, Lyssa Pendragon ruled mankind with knowledge, justice, and power. Through it, she made allies of many different species and powers and defeated everyone who would not. Her kingdom valued knowledge and nobility over power and might and so reclaimed some of the lost secrets of the Age of Wonder. Life was not as hard as it once was, with magical devices replacing some of the back-breaking work of farming, glow-lamps to illuminate the night, and an education system which trained everyone in their trade.

The fourth age, however, came to an end with the Enchantment of the High Queen.

The Fifth Age: The Age of Dreams

The Queen Dreams… and darkness creeps back into the world. It has been over a century since the Enchantment, and the world she created has begun to fall apart.

“As hope drifts to sleep, nightmares must come awake – The sleep of reason produces monsters.”

–Melinda, Blind Oracle of Athel


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