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The sun, moons, and stars.

After God made Eldom, he called the Angels, Ashi’Angels and Vier’Angels to Eldom with him. But the fiery children of Ignel would not return to Eldom, and stayed upon the earth for a time. They went all over the earth and did many things which were not pleasing to God. They taught mankind the making of fire and how to use the gift from Kol to make fire from nothing. With the gift of fire, mankind could now venture out into the night. In the night, mankind found many strange things that did not exist during the day, and so some of them fell away from the worshipping of God and worshiped the things of the night.

This angered God greatly, for he made mankind to worship him, and not other created things. “Why did you not make your children obey me?” God asked Ignel. Guilty Ignel tried to get out from under the stare of God and so replied, “You made them, God, why did you not force them to obey?” Ignel’s answer angered God greatly and all of Eldom shook and the fortress was filled with smoke. “Because you have allowed mankind to stray from me, I will make you a watcher over them.” And so God stuffed Ignel into the sky and told him to stay there. “Here, be a light to all people and keep watch over them during the day. You may rest during the night, however, if you disappoint me again I shall make you watcher over both the day and night and there will be no rest.” God then turned to Ignel’s children saying, “Because you have done this thing, I will make you watchers over the night. You may rest during the day, however, if you disappoint me again I shall make you watcher over both the day and night and there will be no rest.” God scooped up Ignel’s children in his hand and placed them in the night sky. And so the sun and the stars were made.

Then the daughters of Zariel approached God and said to him, “God, we are lonely now that the sons of Ignel are no longer with us in Eldom. Please, put us in the night sky as well and we shall help mankind to remember the passing of time, when seasons change, and when your holy days are.” God heard their plea, saw that it was a good idea, and granted them their request. That is why the three moons pass through the night sky and how we can number our days according to them. The white moon, Zariel’s daughter Allira the most fair of the three, the purple moon, Zariel’s daughter Tadra the fastest, and the grey moon, Zariel’s daughter Olgra the largest and strongest, all watch over mankind and give us our days, months, and years.


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