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The Fire dragon Steals the Hammer

After all of this, the four brothers were very tired, and lay down to rest. While they rested, the fire dragon, having sneaked out of his prison, crept up on the brothers with the intent to steal the hammer. Ignel, being made out of the same thing as the Fire dragon, awoke as soon as the dragon touched the hammer. The great serpent, ever crafty, spoke quickly and quietly to Ignel, “Ignel, do not wake your brothers. For they have mistreated your creation- here, let me show you how to make something that will make you the envy of all creation.” And the dragon led Ignel to a clearing where the dragon created Zariel. Zariel was the most beautiful thing that Ignel had ever seen, and he burned with such a passion from her beauty that he forgot all about the dragon and the hammer.

The fire dragon took the hammer to the underside of the earth where he called together his brothers. Together they forged the drakes, the bringers of destruction. Not wishing to tempt fate any longer, the fire dragon returned the hammer where he found it, lying amongst the Angels.

In the morning, Krel, Goel, and Vael met Ignel and Zariel. So jealous were they of Ignel and Zariel that they demanded that Ignel show them how to make wives of their own. But Ignel demanded an oath of them that they would not complain to God about how the beasts consumed their creations. The three brothers complained and tried to bargain but so absolute was Ignel’s resolve that they finally gave in. Finding the hammer where they left it the previous day, and unaware that the dragon had borrowed it, the three brothers fashioned themselves wives of their own.


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