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God returns and breaks the Angels

God returns to the Angels and asks them, “What is this you have done? Why have you made wives for yourselves? Who has taught you such things?” Convicted of their guilt, the brothers all accuse Ignel of doing this. Ignel tries to flee from God, but God catches Ignel in his guilt. Ignel says that the dragon showed him the manner with which to make Zariel. “Fools, all!” shouts God at his sons, “I shall break you because you forgot me. Do not do such things again or I will strike you with Ved instead of Kol.” And with that, God takes the hammer of creation and strikes each of his sons, diminishing their power. From the drops of blood each son shed, sprang forth the Vier’Angels, or the grandsons of God.

Zariel then spoke up, being the most headstrong of the wives, and asked God, “What of us? Will you unmake us because we are not perfect?” Then God turned to Zariel, and the other wives, “You are not perfect because my sons made you in passion and ignorance. I shall remake you so that you are complete.” So God took his hammer, Kol, and gently remade them similar to his sons. “You are now my daughters. I name you Zariel, beautiful, Estel, mother, Athel, huntress, and Nanel, mysterious.” Grateful, they sang to God and praised him, “Good are you, God. For you are merciful and full of grace. You did not destroy us, but made us complete.” From the tears of joy they shed, sprang forth the Ashi’Angels, or the granddaughters of God.

God turned to all his sons and daughters “Look! Do you see what you have done? While you were sleeping and burning with passion, the dragon has set upon my creation with all manner of destruction!”

The sons and daughters turned towards the earth, and saw that the earth was indeed full of ice and snow, storms and hurricanes, volcanoes, deserts, floods, and all manner of destruction. The sons and daughters of God took flight to the earth with the armies of their children and made war against the drakes and wyrms.


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