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The Angels

With Kol, God forged the first things to walk upon the face of the earth- tall and powerful creatures God forged out of each element. The sons of God, he called them, and they lived upon the face of the earth and the waters. There were four different sons. Ignel is the son that was forged out of fire, Krel is the son that was forged out of water, Vael is the son that was forged out of air, and Goel is the son that was forged out of earth.

God enjoyed the company of his angels and for a time made merry with them. They discussed many things, and God decided that he would let his sons borrow Kol so that they could make different things as well. Goel was the first to use the hammer of creation, and he covered the bare rock of the earth with every kind of tree, green plant, and flower, saying, “This now is good- the earth is covered in green things, blooming things, and things that bear fruit.” Goel then gave the hammer to Krel, who took it saying, “The earth is covered and that is good, but the oceans are empty- I shall fill them.” So Krel filled the oceans, rivers, and lakes with every kind of teeming fish. Soon the oceans were full and Krel gave the hammer to his brother Ignel. Ignel took the hammer and made all the beasts of the earth. As fire consumes as it burns, so does every beast. Some beasts consumed plants, some fish, and some beasts even consumed other kinds of beasts. Ignel’s creation angered both Krel and Goel. They said, “What you have made is wrong! Why should your beasts eat our creations?” and Goel took back the hammer and made all manner of poisonous plants and mushrooms saying, “Here- your beasts may consume these plants if they wish.” Krel also took the hammer and made the oceans poisonous to drink saying, “Your beasts may not eat all my fish- leave the ones in the ocean alone.” Then Vael, who had been patient up to this point, took the hammer saying, “Enough! I will make my creations where your beasts cannot reach them, Ignel.” So Vael used the hammer to make birds and buzzing insects of every kind.


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