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4E Farlanthia!

“As hope drifts to sleep, nightmares must come awake – The sleep of reason produces monsters.”

–Melinda, Blind Oracle of Athel

In the world of Farlanthia, the High Queen has fallen under a dark enchanment. She sleeps now, and the world is bereft of her benevolent rule. In the hundred years since she fell asleep, evil and dark things have crept back into the world. Ignorance replaces Knowledge, Evil Tyrants replace Righteous Kings, Goblins breed and attack the innocent, the Feywilde retreats, and the dark alleys are portals to the Shadowfell.

All the Evil that slept while the High Queen held power are now unleashing their devillish plans, and the people are nothing but pawns in their evil schemes.

... And now of all things, there are rumors coming from the south that Gedjik has been reborn—and his purpose is to remake the world in his image.

Now, more than ever, the world needs Heroes.

The Prophesies spoken by the High Queen during her reign of slumber have come to pass, and the shard of the Lich-Queen Aghamora now rests safely in the hands of Madrigand.

Gedjik, however, has made landfall on Farlanthia and has conquered the independent port city of Haven. From here he launches a campaign against the Iron Throne itself.

In Faddain, the authority of the Crimson King reigns supreme, and the rebellion of the free peoples has been squashed. With renewed fervor the Crimson King turns his eye towards the High Queen’s throne and marches on Norrel.

The Storm King stirs in his ancient slumber, and a dark winter falls on the world. The Giants are restless and march south into Estora.

The Goblins, egged on by the Death Giants of the Black Cragg march on all human kingdoms of the world.

The world needs Paragons of Honor, Valour, and Might to fight back against the nightmares that creep in from the darkness.

4E Farlanthia is a sequal to my highly successful d20 Norse Campaign. The players are starting the Paragon story-arc, which will take them from 11th to 20th level.

Farlanthia is a Celtic/Arthurian/Faerie campaign, where I hope to bring the characters from 1st level all the way through 30th level over several years.

Check out the Adventures and PC Short-Stories, the History of the world, and the Wiki!

4E Farlanthia

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