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Scions of Ignel

During the Age of Man, one of the High King’s six original knights was Sir Faddain.

Sir Faddain had a fiery temper, and coming from a long line of Barbarian Berserkers – he was a force to behold in combat.

Outside of combat, however, he lacked no virtue of patience or intelligence.

After the final battle with the Storm King, Sir Faddain was sore disappointed that Elric (the high king) had not defeated finally the evil Giant, and so they separated ways for a while.

Faddain had been given dominion over the western shore of Farlanthia for his part in the wars, and he took to taming the wilderness for many years.

After having carved out a small kingdom for himself, a visage of Ignel appeared to him, asking him to accept a quest in return for a boon. Sir Faddain agreed, and took a small army up to the top of the Black Cragg to rescue an aspect of Zariel that had been imprisoned by the Death Giants there.

So impressed was Ignel by the prowess of Sir Faddain upon his return, that Ignel blessed him with the power of Beasts. Sir Faddain changed form, and became the first Shifter.

All other shifters are descended from Sir Faddain, and to be a shifter is to be a scion of Faddain. To be a shifter is to also know the fury of the Greater Angel of Fire, and to know the passion of life that burns within.

Many confuse the Shifter blessing with Lycanthropy, however, and the Crimsonition has taken to exterminating every descendant of Sir Faddain. Partly to eliminate the ruling houses in Faddain, and to exterminate what they see as a blight upon the whole of Farlanthia.

Culturally, shifters are noble folk, given to strong emotions and quick but violent settlements of disputes which rarely end in death. They have grown considerably, in part due to their passionate behavior, and few who are shifters today can claim legitimate heritage with Sir Faddain and the Noble Houses of Faddain.


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