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The creation of the different worlds

After the pieces of Kol had fallen to the ground, God took the fire dragon by the throat and said, “I must clean up this mess you have made, but mark my words, I will return to kill you.” And with that God took one of the four largest pieces of Kol and fashioned from it a prison for the fire dragon. God named the prison Orakdom- Land of the damned, and cast the fire dragon and all the drakes and wryms he could find into it.

From another of the large pieces God formed a world for all of the misbegotten creations of the shattered Kol. The Elves, Väki, Sprites, and many of the magical monsters God gathered up and placed them in the magical world of Faerie. But some of the creatures could not leave Farldom, and so stayed. These are the nymphs and the half-men.

From the third large piece God created Kythordom, or the land of the dead. The spirit of the water dragon stirred at the creation of the land and its spirit awoke. Entering this land the dragon began to call all dead things to it, calling them to his new name, the dragon of death.

From the fourth and largest of the large pieces of Kol, God formed a place for him and his sons and daughters to live. “It is not good that mankind should live with my sons and daughters- too great are their powers, now that magic has entered the world freely, for them to remain with mankind.” And so God made Eldom, land of God, for him and his children.


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