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Unfortunately due to time constraints and life – games 12 through 16 were never chronicles. My best reconstruction is below.

During the Banquet, the Fey Queen killed Lady Bheur and faked the death of the players in front of the Autumn Court. Madrigand whisks the party away to a different location time and place – to defend Na’Yumi’s family from attack and then on the western border of the Silverwood.

From there, the players make their way to the occupied city of Davenport. After taking a short trip through the shadowfell and killing one of Calidore’s rivals in House Liadain, they make it into the city and begin the search for Ki’Yora and McCovney.

The players discover that Lucan – Marid’s half-brother – is the general in charge of the invasion, and they proceed to kill him. Lucan had kidnapped Ki’Yora and McCovney, but McCovney died and Ki’Yora escaped. Marid aligned himself with the Tiefling General in order to take the thrown of Sarldom.

The occupation of Davenport ended, and the Tieflings left with Marid.

The PCs then made their way to the old college of mages in order to discover the location of the invisible tower. They had to pass through several challenges, and finally met up with Ki’Yora and the Lycanthropes that had been haunting them since the Borderkeep. Then, they found Haley and the mirror shard.

After defeating the possessing spirit, Haley was taken by the Death Angel Azrael to his final resting place. The shard, for which all the prophesy had been about, was finally theirs.

And in steps Gari D’Mand. Or… Madrigand, as he turned out to be! Madrigand has taken the shard for safe keeping and introduced the party to the organization he founded – the Flames of Zariel.

The Flames of Zariel is an organisation formed elite peace-keeping efforts, and purposes that Madrigand keeps secret. The shard is in safe hands… for now.


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