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Game 3 Resolution

For game three, 5/18/09.


XP 722 Each

XP 1732 Total (Level 2)

  • One Hard, One Normal Combat Encounter.
  • Four Skill Challenges.
  • A Quest


Dragon’s Hoard

  • Unseelie Pact Blade +1
  • Vengeful Longsword +1
  • Wounding Bow +1
  • Robe of Contingency +1
  • 1400gp (split 7 ways, is 200gp a piece)

4 Healing Potions from the Centaur’s as thanks

Items found in the Estate

  • Skald’s Leathers +1
  • Symbol of Divine Reach +1
  • Darkleaf Hide +1

Other Items Acquired

  • Mirror Shard from Dragon’s Cave in the Feywild
  • Dragon’s Scale as a Trophy

Dragon’s Name: Kallikantzari
Dragon’s Patron Name: Cailleach Bheur
A Name on a Tombstone: Galea Durein – Dates of Birth/Death Signify that she was buried here during the Age of Man.

The Estate


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