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Game 2 Resolution

For game two, 5/4/09.


XP 468 Each

XP 1010 Total. (Everyone, please level!!)

  • One Hard, One Easy Combat Encounter.
  • Four Skill Challenges.
  • A Quest and one Minor Quest.


Minor Quest: Saving the Pixies

As reward for your faithful service, Mabbymeh rewards Wyk with something that fell into her lake a long time ago.

  • Distance Shuriken

In addition, Mabbymeh gifts Dierdre with a twig from one of the more ancient trees in the forest.

  • Summer Growth Totem

Total Recieved

(I can’t keep track of what has been spent).

  • 4 Healing Potions
  • 300gp
  • 2 Longswords
  • 4 Maces
  • 2 Longbows
  • 40 Arrows
  • 1 Guildmaster’s Ring

Garry’s Gifts

  • Holy Healer’s Quarterstaff
  • Repulsion Leather Armor
  • 50 gp of Ritual Components plus a free lvl 1 Ritual to Na’Yumi and Marid
  • 50 gp of Alchemy Components plus a free lvl 1 Recipe to Anae and Dierdre
    • (I’m ruling for Anae to have the “Brew Poition” Alchemy. Hope that’s OK).
  • Cold Iron Daggers to Wyk and Calidore
    • [1D4] on normal creatures
    • [1D10, High Crit] on Fey creatures
  • 4 Alchemal Frost Arrows to Calsar


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