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Stone and Steel

As time passed, as time often does, Goel began to be bored and left Eldom to journey down to Farldom to spend time with man. Goel taught man the shaping of wood and stone, and instructed man in the making of homes. Goel was more careful than the sons of Ignel, and only taught mankind how to make homes. Goel also pointed out the plants he had poisoned, warning mankind not to eat of them. When God found Goel, he stayed and watched Goel, and found that the teaching of Goel were solid and only for the good of mankind. Still, Goel had disobeyed God and soon God took Goel back up to Eldom.

Ignel was greatly angered by this. “Why should I be punished for my children’s disobedience when Goel is praised for his works?” So at night, Ignel threw some of his children down to earth commanding them, “teach mankind the making of metals!” And so they did, and the children of Ignel taught mankind the making of brass, of bronze, of iron, and of steel. In the night, man made the first axe- cutting down trees and making all manner of destruction. In the early morning man made the first spear- and killed the first animal. In the noon hour, man made the first sword- and killed the first man. In the evening, man made the first shield- and so protected himself from the sword.

God was greatly angered by this. “Why is it, Ignel, that your gifts should bring me such grief? Learn from your brother Goel and do not be Jealous of him.”


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