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Prologue 4/4/09
The party assembles...

The Borderkeep

The first morning.

The town of Borderkeep is busy, being a primary tradepoint between the Seelie Elves of the Norwood and the kingdom of Norrel. the Border wood also attracts those not desirous of the clean city life of the Capitol, and so the keep has a general wild feel to it.

Its here, however, that a group of Pilgrims gather to make their final preparations to take the Journey South to Durein. some are here for Religious Reasos, some are starting a new life, some are here on a mission, and some others for reasons unknown. But what ever the reason, they have assembled to take this Journey together.

The caravan is headed by one of Durein’s best Knight-Captains, Sir Duncan McLeon. The caravan is eight (8) wagons in length, and as you are loading your things into the wagons, you get a good look at the other Pilgrims.

There is a Priestess of Elohim, with a small cadre of followers who are likely ” Prophesy Pilgrims .” And are betting on the fame of whatever prophesy the Priestess possesses.

An unlikely pairing, a Hoarfrost Elf who has a wild look about her, and a halfing whom you barely catch a sight of.

There is another Hoarfrost Elf who, you think, is moving south along with what appears to be his adoptive human family.

There are another five (5) families here, obviously migrants, of different heritages. They are likely victims of the shadow that plagues the Borderwood, driving pilgrims out of their homes.

Along with Sir Duncan, there is another knight of Durein, armed much lighter than the iron-clad knight-captain.

A sight to behold, two Eladrin! An elderly wizard, and someone who appears to be his apprentice.

And finally, there is a couple who primarily keep to themselves, and for good reason. A Tiefling scholar, and an Elf who appears to be his lover. They speak often in whispers.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of Guard for the caravan… and Sir Duncan seems to be getting more nervous the closer to sunrise it becomes. As you make the final preparations, he gathers you all together.

“Good Folk, I have been charged with the safety of this caravan, however I can not do this alone. The keep has refused to spare any of their soldiers, and the local mercenaries appear to not want anything to do with traveling south.

“It is not all so dour, however, I have hired a – Ah! here hey are now – a small company of rangers to guide us over the mountains. Degas, Hail and Welcome!”

“Hail,” replies Degas, “I apologize for the lateness of the hour in which we do arrive. Some of my men took longer to rouse than the others.” He motions to a thicker man, who is half drenched and still not quite awake. Degas’ other men chuckle at the comment.

Sir duncan turns back to you all, “We will, however, need some more guard after we leave the mountain pass. I know I’m asking a lot, but is there anyone here who will volunteer?”

The caravan is quiet for a moment…

“Knight Calidore, I know I can count on you.”

“Yes, you can.” Replies the young man.

“Priestess, would you lend us Elohim’s Aid?”

“If I can,” Replies the young woman.

“Anyone else? Anyone who has combat skills is needed to protect the rest of us. I wouldn’t ask except that I have no other choice.”

“I will do what I can to protect the caravan.” Volunteers the Elven Druid.

“The Scholars of Sarl are not without their tricks,” replies the Tiefling.

“We will offer what aid we can,” Says the old Eladrin Wizard, after whispering with his apprentice.

“I will fight for my family, and for these others,” Replies the white-haired ranger.

“Good, Good.” Replies Sir Duncan, “thank you all. Degas? Lead the way.”

“With pleasure,” the man replies.

The first evening

The trip through the Borderwood is uneventful, and night comes quickly as the freshness of the journey has quickened your step. That night, Duncan takes some time to familiarize himself with the groups tactics. He sets up a few straw dummies and asks the volunteers from this morning to display some combat prowess. Degas and his men go first, as a demonstration.

Two of Degas’ men display some rather hard two-handed sword attacks, and while they seem impressive, you get the feeling they aren’t that experienced. His other men display a few quick and deadly moves, that might have otherwise been at home in an alley.

Degas, true to his word, displays some ferocious two-bladed fighting style. He’s experienced, to be sure.

The Priestess Anae says a prayer, and one of the straw dummies is engulfed in light from heaven and then bursts into flames.

The Knight Calidore displays a unique series of parries and thrusts, ending in the straw dummy burning in green flame.

The Druid Dierdre transforms into a panther and proceeds to rip the stuffing out of one of the dummies.

The Tiefling, after trading a few sarcastic remarks about the exercise with Duncan, recites a dirty limerick to the dummy which then Flghumpgh! bursts into flames.

The Eladrin Apprentice extends her staff at the dummy and the crystal at the end breaks into many shards, which fly at incredible speed to embed themselves into the dummy.

The Elven Ranger places a coin in the straw dummy, and then from a hundred paces away shoots an arrow right into the coin.

And if anyone was paying attention, after all these displays of power, one of the dummies received a “nose” in the form of a small throwing knife.

Duncan, pleased with the combat prowess of the group, dismisses them for the evening.

The second day

The second day passes the same as the first, and that evening Duncan decides to pass around a few drinks and asks the volunteers to tell a little about themselves. Each shares what they feel comfortable with, which is not a lot, but everyone seems to be getting along better with each other.

The third day

The morning of the third day brings with it a cold wind and an overcast sky. While you know the sun must be up, the sky remains dark and foreboding. Black clouds amass over the mountain pass which you must cross later today.

As you pass a small town, you can clearly see a column of smoke rising from it. Duncan decides to try and get some more supplies for crossing the mountain, and asks the volunteers to accompany him into town. When they get into town, they discover that a Blue Dragonborn had burned down an entire block just because she was denied service at the local Outfitters. Needless to say, Duncan is denied any additional supplies for the caravan as they are all up in smoke.

After asking around, the volunteers learn that the Blue Dragonborn had a fiery temper (no doubt!) and after burning down the block, she and several others took the mountain pass south.

The mountain pass

Empty-handed, Duncan returns to the caravan and leads it up the mountain pass. It is not long, however, until the sky opens up and it begins to rain. The going is slower now, as the oxen are taking extra time to find their footing.

The same cannot be said for Degas, however, as you come across him sitting in the road with a sprained ankle. The Priestess heals him, but he asks the Druid to scout around the next bend until he can put weight on the foot.

Dierdre rounds the next corner in the mountain pass, only to watch as the road is washed out and down the mountain. She returns to the group not a moment too late, as the Eladrin Wizard spots some torches among the rocky cliffside.

It’s a Trap!

Game One 4/18/09

Game 1

When we last left our heroes, they were trapped on a mountainside in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. The road ahead of them is washed out, and goblins are spotted on the ridge!

Goblin Ambush

The caravan barely gets a warning as a pack of goblins descend upon them. Sir Duncan and Iladekonion are pulled with Degas and his men to defend the rear of the caravan, while the PCs are left to deal with the goblin forces in front.

The goblins attack en masse and Dierdre leaps out to meet them in panther form with claws extended. Sir Calidore and Anae are swamped by the little green buggers, and Na’Yumi duels it out with a Goblin Hexer. Calsar, Wyk, and Marid move through the shadows to slay goblins.

With a turn of bad luck, a series of hits from some hidden goblin sharpshooters bring Dierdre down to 0hp, and Anae rushes across the battlefield to lend Elohim’s aid. Na’Yumi slays the Goblin Hexer with an Acid Arrow (disolving it into a puddle of steaming sludge), only to be dropped to 0hp herself by a goblin Blackblade from behind.

Meanwhile, Calidore and Marid are finishing off the remaining goblin cutters and blackblades as Calsar and Wyk hunt down the few stragglers.

The Battle turns out OK for the PCs, as they are alive. Diedre has one strike against her, and Na’Yumi has two. This is going to be a long day.

After the Battle

All told, none of the Pilgrims were harmed. Three of the eight wagons were burned to the grown, with magical green fire, and very little remained. Worse yet, the PCs learn that Sir Duncan has been killed—and not by a goblin!

Upon inspection, it appears that Duncan has been stabbed in the back, and the blade was caught in his armor and left there. The blade belonged to Degas! Enfuriated, the PCs look for Degas, but he and his men have fled the scene of the crime.

The caravan is reduced to five wagons, and worse still, they have less provisions than when they started out. Certainly not enough to complete the journey through the mountains even if the road hadn’t been washed out.

Out of the Rain

Putting their heads together, the PCs discover the following:

  • There is a Ford in the Norwood that can lead us south
  • The Ford is currently washed out, we should try tomorrow
  • The Ford is usually avoided, for the high risk of traveling to the FeyWilde
  • Without Duncan, the people are looking for a leader. Calidore steps forward.
  • Duncan can be revived, but it will take a rather high level cleric.
  • The town of Tredville may be able to help us. At least they can put us up for the night.

So the PCs journey back to Tredville, and it is now evening, as the journey back was hard through the rain, damaged wagons, and mud. All told, it was only the Endurance of the PCs that kept them going.

Along the way, Calsar’s foster mother breaks down. Calsar, however, gives such a stirring and encouraging message that it not only lightens her heart, but also the hearts of everyone in the caravan.

No room at the Inn

Unfortunately, finding the caravan room at the Inn will be difficult. Like the rain drives rats up from the sewers and gutters, so did the scum of the Borderwood flock to this town during the storm. The town has taken on a completely different nature, and many people have boarded up their homes against the influx of ruffians.

The town is dark, amidst all the rain.

  • Flagon’s Fable: As the PCs enter this Inn, they discover that even the tavern floor is being converted into cots and mats for people to sleep. Even with a sob story that would break a Balrog’s Heart, the PCs cannot bargain for what doesn’t exist. The Innkeep turns the PCs away with a heavy heart.
  • Prancing Pony: The Prancing Pony, as the PCs discover, is nothing more than a pile of ash. It, along with the adjoing block of houses, have been burnt to the ground! This must have been one of the establishments hit by the fire this morning.
  • The Dark One’s Own Luck: This hard establishment doesn’t look like it will accomodate anything other than your purses and your corpses. As the PCs turn to leave, they are interrupted by two Strange Men.

”—I can smell it” one says as they approach the PCs.

“You there,” the other says, “What business do you have in the town of Tredville?”

“We are travellers,” says Marid.

“There was a knight with you earlier…”

Duncan” the other interjects, “Ah, yes… Duncan. What has happened to him?”

“He gave his life in defense of the caravan. We were ambushed by Goblins.” Sternly Replies Calidore.

SnarlThen it is true!” “Yes…”

They turn to leave, drawing their heavy broadswords. They bolt down the street and out of sight. Off in the distance, The PCs hear the blood-curdling howl of a wolf. It is only now, that the PCs notice the Inn has gone dead silent and all eyes are focused on them. Now would be a great time to leave!

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

As the PCs turn to go back to the caravan empty-handed, a scream erupts from a nearby alley. Looking down the alley, they see the a group of thugs beating up an Old man. In the glint of their torchlight, the PCs make out a face amidst the thugs – it is Degas!

“Revenge!” screams one of the PCs, as they rush the traitor Degas.

The fight is quick and brutal. Anae and Calsar are taken down to 0hp by archers. Na’Yumi displays her versitality in giving First Aid to Anae before unleashing a storm of magic! Marid’s powers come to light as his cursed enemies drop one-by-one and he moves about the battlefield, concealed. Dierdre and Calidore hold the frontline against Degas and his Ruffians.

Calsar, however, delivers a critical “Hunt’s End” and ends Degas for good. Degas will be wearing a nice new set of feathers right between his eyes at his funeral.


After the fight, the old man gets up and scrounges around for his belongings. He picks through Degas’ corpse, and retrieves a golden amulet. Those of keen eye, note that the amulet is that of a woman dancing in fire.

“Allow me to extend an arm of gratitude to you, fair folk. My name is Garid D’Man, but you may simply call me Garry. You wouldn’t believe what lengths these scum will go to for a copper or two. But ah, where are my manners? You are drenched to the core. Follow me, I have a manor on the outskirts of town where you can stay dry.”

“But we have a caravan as well, good sir.”

“Yes, ah, yes. You folks are with the caravan that passed through this morning. After the fire incident, I completely forgot! But yes, yes, I have accommodations for all of you. Let us walk and talk.”

The PCs and the caravan arrive at Garry’s Manor, unharmed and grateful for the dry house.

“Where is, ah, I don’t see that charming fellow with you. The Knight-Captian? Duncles? Dougle? ... ah! Duncan, yes, thank you. Where is he?” Garry asks.

After being told of Duncan’s fate, he shakes his head. “Ah, but that is a shame. I know a cleric that could raise him, if his spirit wished it to, but it is several day’s journey from here and not in the direction you good folk are traveling in. Please, let me take care of him, as you have taken care of me. I can see to it that he recieves the best care. Jalin?” He summons his assistant, “Gentle Repose if you would.”

“Yes sir.” Jalin replies, and gathers the necessary salves.

As the PCs approach their rooms to get settled in for the evengin, Wyk stops before his door. He sense a cold draft coming from the room beyond, and the creak of a floorboard…

Crimsonites in your Closet

Hiding in the rafters, a bunch of Halfling Prowlers dressed in Red Robes attack Wyk. He is struck by several poisoned crossbow bolts, and it is only seconds until he succoms and drops to 0hp. The rest of the PCs respond in kind, and attack the Halflings with prejudice! Anae delivers the final blow, running across the room, praying down holy fire, and administering aid to Wyk. One halfling escapes, but shifting into a wolf, Calsar hunts him down.

Wyk survives, but just. After some investigation, the PC discover that the Halflings were dressed in Crimsonite cloaks and one of them wore a Guildmaster’s ring. Wyk, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ ta do!

Game Two
The Feywilde

Game Two

When we last left our heroes, they had been ambushed by a group of halfling assassins…

Interrogate the Halfling Assassin

Calsar had captured the only halfling to survive the encounter (PCs not included) and dragged him back to the manor for interrogation.

A fierce argument between the halfing assassin, Wyk, Calidore, Marid, and Na’Yumi Ulthran breaks out. Wyk wants to kill the assassin, while the rest of the party wants him alive. Na’Yumi wants him to be her servant, while Calidore and Marid want him to remain in captivity.

Amidst the arguing and yelling, the party learns a few things:

  • The Assassin’s name is Elsgad Forthknuckle
  • The clan chief (the older corpse on the floor) is Greggory Forthknuckle… twice removed on his mother’s side.
  • Wyk is a Halfling Prince! Apparently the son of a Tyrant (and cause for more arguing and yelling).
  • Wyk’s father, Gunari, was a Halfling King when Calidore was a young lad. Calidore remembers the halfling King, but not much else about him.
  • The other halfling clan chiefs made deals with outside help to try and assassinate the Halfling King. The claim that Gunari was a “Tyrant” is under much dispute.
  • They got help from the Crimsonites… but the Crimson King demanded too high of a price, and now the Faddain Halflings can’t afford to pay it… so they were tasked with “finishing” the job: Killing Wyk.

The Halfling assassin abruptly ends the interrogation by swallowing a cyanide pill, all the while screaming and giggling: “HAHAHAHAhahahahaahheheeeeeeeee!!! No rest for you in the afterlife Prince! They’ll kill you and take your soul as they did your fa-huk-urk-HNGLH!” and then immidiatly stiffens and dies.

Leaving everyone shocked and stunned.

Garry’s Gifts

The next morning, before the caravan leaves for the Norwood, Garry grants the PCs some gifts.

Journey through the Forest

The caravan heads out before dawn. As dawn breaks, you are moving through the Norwood at a good pace. The road is a bit overgrown – but that’s making it easier for the wagons to pass on the muddy road.

As Calsar is scouting, he notices a strange thing. Odd, it has been at least an hour, but the sun hasn’t risen above “dawn.” Sure enough, when Calsar rounds the next bend in the trail, the road disappears into a daisy covered clearing.

You’re in the Feywilde!

The party puts their heads together and…

  • Elves navigate long distances in the Feywilde via Waystones.
  • Travel in the Feywilde is more by will than by walking. Travel is done by using natural landmarks: A River, Particular Tree, Stone Outcropping, etc. Waystones are another natural marker to travel to.
  • The Waystones usually require a unique Keyword: A Home and Forwarding Address in order to travel.
  • A Fey living near the waystone should know the Keyword.

The Waystone

After navigating for another half hour, the PCs come upon another clearing in the wood. They can hear the sounds of soft crying coming from near the waystone, and upon closer examination they can see a small Pixie cying on a toadstool in the shade of the Waystone.

When asked she…

  • Introduces herself as Puddles
  • “I’m crying because everyone is gone!”
  • “Who? Everyone, Mama, Papa, Juju, little Gumbee, and even elder Gaffstaff is missing!”
  • “Maybe the goblins took them?”
  • “Oh no, maybe the dragon ATE them?”
  • “Waaaagh! Boohoo!”
  • “Sniff… No, I don’t know where they are… I live here!” [Points at the Ground at her feet]
  • “Maybe… yeah! Mabbymeh would know!”
  • “Who? The Naiad, DUH!
  • “C’mon, follow me!”

The party leaves the caravan at the waystone (a safe location) and in the hands of a couple of young men of the Caravan, including Calsar’s brother who is a Druid. They follow Puddles as she leads them to the naiad.


Puddles leads the party to a small pond in the middle of the forest.

She skims out over the lake, calling out “Mabbymeh, Mabbymeh!” and soon a naiad comes up from the lake bed. After talking briefly with Puddles, she moves to join the PCs near the shore.

After some introductions, the PCs ask her if she knows the where the rest of Puddle’s family is.

  • “No, I’m afraid I do not, fair folk. I highly suspect that the goblins are up to their usual tricks, but I do not know where the goblins might be.”
  • “I do know where the dragon is, and he should know where the goblins are.”
  • “In exchange for the little one’s safety, I’ll gladly share with you the Keyword for both this waystone, and one close to the edge of the Norwood.”

After the PCs agree, Mabbymeh casts a small illusion into the waters of the pond… “Here, here is where you’ll find the dragon.” In the ripples of the water, an image of an outcropping of Rock and a Dragon sunbathing form.

Dealing with Dragons

The sound of breathing gets louder as you near the cliff face. Before you is a large Blue Dragon, slumbering peacefully and sunning himself on a large moss-covered rock in the forest glade.

  • “I can smell you Ki’Yora – ah… hrmmm…” The Dragon picks up his head. “Familiar, but different. Who dares disturb me?”
  • [Perception Check: The Dragon mutters under his breath… ”Different, yet familiar. Oh, this IS turning out to be an interesting day!”] * At first, the dragon tries to persuade the PCs that he doesn’t know where the pixies are, “The Stupid pixies? No, I don’t know what happened to them.”
  • After pushing, “Oh, alright. They were bothering me YET AGAIN so I paid the goblins to kidnap them.”
  • “Why? Because seeing them tortured is so much more fun than eating them. Trust me, they taste terrible.”

Marid comes up with a clever plan… “Dragon, the goblin’s didn’t do their job. You see, they missed a Pixie. What say you, tell us where they are, and we’ll get you your money back! A refund, if you would.”

“Hrmm,” ponders the Dragon, “I do believe a refund is in order. Very well, I paid them 200 gold to kidnap the pixies. The Goblins are in a ravine, about a mile to the south of here. Make sure you get 200 gold, and not a copper less. I won’t pay for shoddy service.”

The party heads off in search of the goblins, the pixies, and the Dragon’s refund.

Goblins in the Ravine

To say that the goblins are in the ravine is an understatement. There is a small goblin army in the ravine by the waterfall. Perhaps 200 plus goblins, most of them combat ready. What do the PCs do? The PCs put their heads together and think…

  • The goblin chief probably has the Pixies in a Cold Iron cage. He’ll be in the Big Tent.
  • If we attack outright, the chief could kill the pixies or make his escape before we get to him.
  • “Oh,” spies one of the PCs, “There’s a cave door near the Big Tent and Waterfall. The noise from the waterfall should cover our steps.”
  • In the Feywilde, all doors and paths lead somewhere for there are no dead ends.

Calsar tracks the tunnel to the other side, and spies it between another outcropping of rock. The tunnel is narrow, but the PCs make it through.

Tricksy Traps in the Tunnel

As they near the end of the tunnel, it comes to an abrupt end. In front of them is a stone door, set in a small well-chiseled room.

Wyk immediately spots the pit trap in the floor which is triggered by opening the door, and moves to disarm it – until he spots the Rock-Drop trap in the ceiling. The traps are rigged ingeniously enough, so that disarming the pit trap causes the rock to fall and crush whomever tried to disarm the pit.

The PCs put their heads together and come up with a plan. Marid performs the Silence ritual, and Wyk sets off both traps so that the Rock fills the pit below. Wyk narrowly avoids death, but the traps have been defeated. The party continues onward…

The Chief’s Hut

The PCs sneak up and scout out the hut – until one of the guards catches sight of Calsar! Then the fight was on! As the Boss tried to escape with the Pixies, dozens of goblins came pouring out of the tents to attack the PCs!

The PCs do, however, overhear the Chieftain trying to turn the Pixies into powder or something else for someone called… Ki’Yora...

The fight is fierce, and Deirdre, Calidore, and Marid are dropped to 0hp. Not for long, however, as everyone kept near Anae. Wyk snuck around, killed the goblin carrying the cage, and set the Pixies free. Who then proceeded to drench him in pixie dust, making it nigh impossible for him to hide for the rest of the combat (he rolled so bad).

The PCs finally drop the goblin chieftain, but before they can recover the Dragon’s refund, they are forced flee as the rest of the goblin encampment is roused and clambering after them.

The PCs and the Pixies flee through the tunnel, and a well-placed Thunderwave collapses the room with the Traps, ensuring the PCs escape.

Return, Reunite, Rejoice!

Mabbymeh is eternally grateful for the return of the Pixies. She tells the PCs tat the Keyword is “Lashalana” and the other waystone is “Tishalena.” As reward for your faithful service, Mabbymeh rewards Wyk with something that fell into her lake a long time ago.

  • Distance Shuriken

In addition, Mabbymeh gifts Deirdre with a twig from one of the more ancient trees in the forest.

  • Summer Growth Totem

And she also grants Calsar some water from her pond.

As the PCs turn to leave via the waystone, Mabbymeh suggests against it. “To leave now would mean to return to early in the real world. Please, wait a while longer before returning. Being in two places at the same time can have… detrimental effects. I wouldn’t want anything to befall you, my heroes.” The PCs have an opportunity to take an extended rest, and train up on the skills they’ve learned.

Game Three
Dragons & Durein

Game 3

The Waystone and Wayward

After taking the suggested extended rest, the caravan gets ready to leave the Feywild. As they do so, however, they notice that someone has stolen the Waystone’s Keystone! (Complicated stuff, this elvish magic!) At that moment, Bryan comes rushing up to Calsar exclaiming,

“She’s gone! I can’t find her!”

“Who’s gone?”

“Ciara…” the young man tries to catch his breath, “I searched all over for her but couldn’t find her.”

The party quickly puts two and two together:

  • Anae thought that Ciara might have had a serious crush on Calsar
  • Unrequited love can sometimes cause people to do drastic things
  • She might have tried to use the Keystone to make a bargain with someone
  • The only one around with that much power… is the Dragon.

The party at first tries tracking Ciara’s footsteps, but they soon become lost in the Feywild. Since they need to navigate the Feywild by natural landmark, and not something temporal like footprints, they decide the best bet is to go to the Dragon’s Rock.

The Dragon’s Cave

They do so, and when they arrive they hear voices coming from within a cave. Moving to intercept whatever bargain might be going on, they rush towards the cave entrance. As they arrive, they hear the last snippets of a conversation…

“Yes.” The Dragon says. “She can make him love me?” replies a young girl’s voice. “Yes, she will give you that power” “Then I accept!” “Good” the dragon agrees as he speaks the closing phrase of a ritual: [Arcana] Shadow Walk. “Cailleach Bheur is her name. When you reach the gates, tell them Kallikantzari sent you.” “Thank you!” “No need to thank me, just go now.”

And with that the cavern is silent, save for the chuckle of a dragon.

Calsar rushes in (where angels fear to tread) and screams, “Nooo! Ciara! Wait!”

At this the dragon laughs, “You’re too late!” Raises his clawed hand, and smashes the giant mirror behind him. Darkness leaps from the shards as they fall, and begins to flood the cavern. The Dragon charges the party.

The fight is brutal, with the Dragon not only using his draconic powers and might, but also powers granted to him by his unseelie pact. Aided by the shadows that leapt from the mirror, he puts the fight to the party, but they are able to overcome. Using their tactics and cooperation, they compromise the dragon turn after turn and soon the beast lies dead at Calidore’s feet.

Rushing to the Mirror, Calsar is told by Na’Yumi and Calidore that the gate is now useless. When traveling in the Shadowfell, you use mirrors the same way that the Waystones are used in the Feywild. Since they are not in the Shadowfell nor do they possess the Shadow Walk ritual… they cannot follow Ciara wherever it is that she has gone.

Calidore tells Calsar not to worry, as house Bheur is one of the great houses and there is likely only one place that she could have gone. Once they get to Durein, Calidore says, they can likely get to the Shadowfell.

The party doesn’t return empty-handed to the caravan, as the Dragon’s treasure and the Keystone are found. With heavy hearts, Mabbymeh casts the ritual and teleports them to a Waystone on the southern most end of the Norwood. Before them stretches the Plains of Durein.

Traversing through the Feywild has put the caravan two (2) weeks ahead of schedule

Traversing the Plains

The journey across the plains is non-eventful. Too non-eventful, Dierdre muses, as the land is dryer than normal this season. They cross several dry riverbeds, and the stink of dead fish is a poignant reminder of their need of supplies.

A fear all to realized when one morning, it is discovered that one of the wagon’s food stores has been spoiled! The cause is unknown, but it is most certainly negligence and not foul play on someone’s part. Calsar is quick to hunt to replace the lost supplies, but in the dry plains, he finds little quarry. Fortunately, their supplies are just enough to cover the rest of the trip (as they made some time during the Feywild)… but they are just enough.

Not long after the food incident, a young girl from one of the families is bitten by a snake one evening! Dierdre applies a poultice, and saves the girl. Marid gets very suspicious of the snake being in one of the wagons, but it looks like negligence is to blame once again. Barbarians… no common sense whatsoever

With each passing incident

Centaurs, Centaurs everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Soon, the caravan comes to a larger river bed, and as they are in the middle of crossing Dierdre hears a heard of horses about to come over the hill. It is not horses, however, but centaurs that come charging over the hill.

About 50 armed warriors stand on the other side of the muddy bank. The chieftain steps forward and speaks in broken Farlanthian.

“In exchange for passage through our lands, we demand your water.”

The party is quick to deny the chieftain his request. “We will die without the water.” And after several failed attempts at bargaining and diplomacy, Anae realizes the chief doesn’t really want to fight the caravan, but they need water to survive. Anae says a prayer to Elohim, and at that very moment, she receives a vision of a natural cave nearby with a spring in it!

She and Dierdre lead the Centaurs to the cave and the Chief response in awe: “Truly, your God is a great God – my clan has lived in these hills for many years and not once have we found this cave with the well in it. We shall call this place, Bethesda.” In gratitude, he gives the pair four (4) healing potions to aid them on the rest of their journey.

Durein, Durein

The rest of the journey passes without incident and the caravan safely reaches the city of Durein! Before Duncan passed away, he had purchased a plot of land within the City for the pilgrims to stay. The PCs are included in this purchase, and they lead the caravan to it’s final destination.

When they get there, however, they sense that their journey is not yet over. The estate is in a very old and bad part of town. As they approach the gates, the streets empty and people close their shutters and doors. For a moment the only sound to be heard is the wind howling through the gates and barren trees of the estate stretched out before them.

Wyk manages to get one of the locals to speak up about the estate – “It’s haunted! Nobody’s lived in it as long as I’ve been alive!”

The PCs find no immediate evidence of haunting, and move in to investigate. They circle the estate and come to a graveyard. The tombstones are all weathered away, but Na’Yumi uses a mending ritual to find a name on the tombstone. She finds the name, Galea Durein and a date which puts her birth and death two ages ago, during the Age of Man.

It is at that point that Wyk notices the movement amidst the bushes. It’s a Trap!

Cultists contending with cadavers

“We will teach fear to those who dare disturb these grounds.” Says a deep, evil man voiced by Tim Burton. A man dressed in black robes, surrounded by gravehounds and skeletons leers at the party. “Kill them” he commands to his followers, scattered around the graveyard.

The fight is brutal, but through cooperation and some new learned powers, the party manages to survive several near-death experiences. The gravehounds are put down quickly, as their poison bite leaves several of the party gasping for hitpoints. Anae unleashes the holy might of Elohim as she Turns the Dead, blasting the skeletons and zombies.

Calidore, Dierdre, and Marid perform an intricate dance of death upon the cultist leader, killing him quickly before he had a chance to summon more of his minions.

The party then cleans up the mess, burning the cultists and their trappings, and beginning to find a place for everyone to live on the estate. Inside, they find a few items in the chapel that were not tainted by the cult, including a holy symbol to elohim.

The biggest discovery, perhaps, is the Coat of Arms above the mantle in the entrance: it is the same as Calidore’s!

Game 4
In which certain things come to pass.

Game 4

In which certain matters are dealt with.

Cleaning out the Estate

In the immediate aftermath of the fight in the graveyard, Calidore sets out burning the Necromancers and the cult’s trappings. In the process of doing so, however, there is a small altercation.

Amidst the rubble, the do end up discovering a magical Holy Symbol and some other items.

The PCs aren’t able to clear out a portion of the estate… it is far too run-down at this point. Most of the wooden structure is missing, and the rest is well over grown. The majority of the stone structure still stands, as does the Chapel. Therefore, they turn their attention to the more recently built apartments in the back of the lot. These apartments were built when the city tried to reclaim the “haunted” lot, so they were a lot easier to renovate and make partway livable by the evening.

The Ghost

That evening, while on watch, Na’Yumi spies a ghost wandering the graveyard. Perhaps there is some truth to the location being haunted… On the morrow, Na’Yumi tells the rest of the party what she saw, and they plan to investigate the sighting later that evening.

Knight Marshal Sir Martin D’Rhanee

The PCs arrive at the consulate building for luncheon with Sir Martin as arranged. They are escorted to a small conference room where a light meal is served. During the meal, Sir Martin addresses each individual at the table, inquiring about things such as the player’s past, the estate, the ghost, the prophesy, and even bringing up Wyk’s father.

He is about to comment on something about Calsar, when a young official bursts into the room.

“Sorry! Sir, so sorry.”

“What is it, O’Rourke, can’t you see I’m busy entertaining?”

“There’s been another, Sir.”

“Argh!” Sir Martin throws his napkin on the table and pushes back. “I must take my leave, there are important matters to attend to.” He stands to go,

“What is so urgent?” Na’Yumi inquires.

“There’s been a rash of ritualistic murders in the city.” Sir Martin straightens his attire, “We’ve got it under control. O’Rourke? Let’s – wait, hold on.” He pulls off the signet ring on his hand and gives it to Calidore. “Here, Cal, take this. It is our family’s signet ring. The ghost may be more amicable to you if you present him with this.”

And with that, Sir Martin and the young Official exit the room. Na’Yumi turns to follow, but is stopped by the mention of visiting the Library.

The Cathedral’s Library

The party makes their way over to the Cathedral’s library, where they are escorted in under a watchful eye. (Especially Marid). The Priest shows them to the archives.

  • Anae discovers that the Estate pre-dates the archives. It must have been built during the Age of Man.
  • Marid finds a mirror and discusses certain things with his Patron. She doesn’t give any light on the prophesy, but does tell him the name of a Mirror within house Bheur.
  • Wyk, while out and about, being bored in the Library, is passed a small envelope.

Jacob Blacklake

As the party is returning from the Library and being out on the town, they are intercepted at the gates of The Estate, by none other than Jacob Blacklake and his thugs! Jacob accuses them of killing one of his best customers, and then orders his men to teach the party why they shouldn’t cross Jacob Blacklake.

Well, the party hands him a sound defeat, and he retreats into the darkness. They interrogate one of the survivors, press Blacklake’s gang symbol (a bunch of crow feathers) into his hand, and tell him to run back to his master.

Wyk follows

As the party continues to clean out the estate, they find the Necromancer’s hidden stash. This was probably Blacklake’s goal… Were they really his customers? Enemies? Who knows…

Game 5
Through a mirror, darkly

Game 5

Through a mirror, darkly

The un-ending patrol

Later that evening, everyone is gathered around in the apartments to catch a glimpse of the Ghost. As predicted, upon the witching-hour, the ghost appears amidst the tombstones. Calidore, brandishing the Signet Ring his father gave him, addresses the Ghost.

The Ghost reveals that he is indeed the Knight Sir Durein, founding Knight of the Black Rose. That secret order of knights sworn to protect the High King, and heirs to the High King’s Armor.

He tells you that his spirit is trapped in the Shadowfell and that the Witching Hour is the only time of freedom that he has. He has spent an eternity calling out to Heroes and Kin in this place, but none save you, Calidore, have responded to his call. His tomb is being used as a portal to the Shadowfell, the spiritual energy he possesses powers the gate for them.

He asks that you save him from this fate. To that end, he gives you the Gate’s Keyword – it is the only word he hears, “Ha’Kitnu” in hopes that it helps. As he does so, however, the image of his spirit shakes and weakens… “They enter the tooooomb… and begin the ritual… stop them! The way is open to you, Heir, save me… nooooooo…” and with that, his spirit disappears.

Darkened Corridors

The party moves quickly into the tomb, noting its age and decrepit state. They move past three main burial areas and a collapsed corridor, before coming to a downward staircase. At the bottom, they can hear voices. They move quietly down the stairs (for certain measures of quietly) and once at the bottom, they can see the glow of a magic ritual. Na’Yumi can tell it is the ritual to open a portal to the Shadowfell. Quickly the party intercepts, only to be met with resistance from Hobgoblins and Shadar-Kai. The hobgoblins form up defensive positions, while the shad Shadar-Kai weave a dance of death amidst the party darting in and out of shadows.

Before the fight ends, however, the ritualist reveals himself. Anae recognizes him as David McCovney, one of her former classmates in the priesthood! He recognizes her too, and mocks her: “Anae!? HA! You fool of a girl! I’m already a verse ahead of you! I’ll complete BOTH our prophesies and gain the greater honor! HAHAHahahahaha!!!” he shakes the two scroll cases at her and he steps into the portal.

After finishing the last Hobgoblin, the party quickly follows David through the portal.

This isn’t Kansas… it’s not even strawberry fields…

The party reappears in a small bedroom – likely a guest room. There is a wall-length mirror on one side of the room, which they have just stepped through. The room is well-kept. Too well-kept. Everything is put away and in its place. The furnishings are old, very, very old. After a bit of exploring adjacent rooms, the party concludes that this building they’re in is none other than the Durein Estate!!

Looking out into the city, they see that indeed they are in Durein… but it is void, empty, and over-urbanized. They quickly add the situation up, and realize that the Knight must be kept in his tomb below this estate in the Shadowfell. They move to enter the tomb, but are quickly countered by a swamp of “Necromantic Seepage…” A truly vile substance, that will kill even a paragon-level character. Needless to say, they search for another way in.

Calidore remembers that when he was in the Library, there was a record of a sewage project being started in this area, and then stopped due to zombie infestation. Since it is likely that this over-urbanized pale copy of the real world has the completed copy of the sewer, they go in search of it.

As they get ready to leave the gates, they are confronted by a street full of dead bodies, which jerks Anae’s memory. As a healer, she knows what killed these men – she did. The bodies in the street are the bodies of Blacklake’s men who ambushed them earlier. Carefully, the party moves past them, until Na’Yumi sees one of the bodies twitch, and attacks it with magic!

The only response to her magic is that all the shutters and doors on the street slam close instantly.

That freaks the party out enough that they go running for the nearest sewer entrance. Only after they spend a few seconds in the dark of the sewer, does Na’Yumi cast her light spell. In the dim glow of the wizard’s staff, they try to make heads/tails of the map Calidore “brought” with him. They decide to go left.


As they travel down the sewers, they can see a small bit of light ahead. Wyk pokes his head around the corner and sees the lone Shadar-Kai from the previous engagement standing guard at an Iron-wrought door in the wall of the sewer. A darkness passes quickly over him, and he screams (which everyone hears) and as the darkness moves away, there is a thick red paste all over the door and walls of the sewer.

The darkness passes briefly back over the doorway, as if patrolling the area.

The party carefully moves forward… only to hear “Join us” in a harsh whisper behind them! They are in a fight against multiple shadow creatures! In the middle of the fight, Wyk moves back to get a better hiding spot, and is suddenly grabbed and pulled back into the darkness! He struggles and manages to get free, but not before taking massive damage.

Through good teamwork, the party is once again able to put the big beastie down… but not before Identifying it as one of Niawynne’s Guardians.

Tired, worn, and beat, one can only wonder what awaits the party behind the blood-stained Iron-wrought door in the sewers under the Shadowfell.

Game 6

Game 6 Recap

Sorry this is brief, I’ve been much too busy with the new job. Last week disappeared somewhere and I’m not sure how.

The party had found their way down into the sewers of the Shadowfell, and made their way past the beast known as “Niawynne’s Guardian” and to the blood-stained Iron-wrought Door.

The door was locked and trapped, but easily evaded by Wyk.

It opened up into a corridor filled with bones on either side, the ground, and the ceiling. Strange sights befell our heroes as they passed through…

At the end of the corridor (other exits are blocked off, chocked with skeletons), they can see a small room setup like a temporary base of operations. In the far corner, two magic circles encircle a strange device, and none other than Ki’Yora. David McCovney is rapidly gathering papers as Ki’Yora messes with the strange device at her feet.

When McCovney is confronted, he responds:
  • Anae, Anae, you couldn’t understand. How could you? You’re just a peasant’s daughter. You’ll understand when I’m done. Once you see the salvation that I’ve wrought. If there’s any threatening action taken, he says as he activates a ring on his hand.
  • _Na-Ah! Sir Durein, I charge you to protect us. Sir Durein begins to glow red, and his countenance falls as he is under McCovney’s control._
He summons a cadre of Eladrin Spirit Knights. All wearing the Livery of House Ulthuan. Ki’Yora says to Na’Yumi:
  • Now, maybe you understand? All of them, all of our people are trapped here. Run, Na’Yumi, please run, you can’t live through what’s coming. Leave this place, sister; I don’t want to have to rescue your soul as well.

And with that they continue the ritual to leave through the portal and place a small arcane device on the ground.

Calsar notices that McCovney drops a scroll case as he’s leaving, in addition to an ornate

The Knights Salute a party member, and set it alight with dark silvery fire.

Each round of combat a crystal lights up, and there are 10 crystals. The spirits are defeated, but first Wyk causes another crystal to light up, and Marid comes in and fares no better! After the last crystal lights up, the device begins to hum and whrrr… and then bolts of arcane energy erupt from it – it will detonate!!!

Sir Durein comes in at the last second and shields the party with his last bit of energy. They survive, but the entire estate is now a blasted crater, two blocks in diameter.

He salutes Calidore, “It has been an honor, Calidore. You do this family proud.”

A few moments later, the party regains consciousness in the bottom of a crater in the Shadowfell. Standing near them, is the still active portal of the mirror, fused now into the bedrock.

When they return to the real world, they are shocked to discover that the estate has been restored to its original state! Complete with Orchard!

They report to Sir Martin their findings, including a note about Ciara running away. In addition to McCovney’s dagger, the pattern of ritualistic killings, information from Lady Liadain, the party concludes the House Bheur is making ritualistic sacrifices out of some of its new recruits!

And that the ritual, if complete, will free a “demon” (or other evil entity) and loose it on this world!

Game 7

Game 7 Recap

The PCs are searching for Ciara. Note: Sir Durein can only hold open the Gate for an hour – midnight to 1 am. If the PCs don’t get there and back in time, then the gate will close and they’ll have to find another way back. Anae and Wyk are not available, as they have “other” business to attend to.

One of the scraps that survives the destruction of the shadowfell estate is a note that describes Ciara as having “run away” into the darkness, unable to cope with her betrayal.

The labyrinthine streets in front of you branch in odd directions, and at impossible angles… this is a city of Madness! Traveling in the Shadowfell is incredibly difficult, because you have to not choose the direction you feel like you should be going out of despair. Hence, it requires Insight Checks.

A Giant Nightwalker patrols the streets of the city, and can be seen towering above the buildings. The Nightwalker’s gaze passes over the PCs, who loose Two Healing surges each, as their life drains from them.

The PCs reach the base of the Cathedral, only to see the Ciara is balanced on the top of the spire of the cathedral. She appears like she might commit suicide at any moment. Calling out to her has no effect.

There are some Dark Ones and other shadowfell intelligent creatures living in the cathedral. As you enter, there is trash strewn about and a foul odor. You can also hear loud voices from upstairs…

As the PCs approach the door, they can hear nasty, high-pitched voices inside: 1: “Hey, Sniggort, it’s your turn.” 2: “Oi, give me a minute you maggot. That damn girl isn’t jumping.” 1: “We’re playin’ cards stupid. IT’S YOUR TURN.” 3: “Bargle, leave Sniggort alone.” Says a deeper voice. 2: “I don’t need your sympathy Dorg. Alright, fine, hit me.” WHUMP 1: “Heheheheheh” 2: “That’s it Bargle, I’m gonna cut you up.” draws blade

sounds of a small struggle ensue

3: “Hey, you maggots. Someone’s ‘ere.”

The big one says as Calidore moves up the stairs. He, being half-unseelie, attempts to bargain for Ciarra with the Dark Ones until Marid comes up the steps and offers his pact dagger in exchange for the girl. One of the more sly Dark Ones comes out of the corner, and greedily agrees to the bargain.

The form of darkening shadows, a flock of shadow bats have arrived making even communication difficult, due to the fact that the Nightwalker is now see walking directly towards you.

Then Calidore teleports and swaps places with Ciarra, he falling to the roof in a clatter of armor and sword. He gets Ciarra back inside – only to be jumped by the Dark Ones, whose greed overcame what little sense of honor they had.

The fight is brief, and when Calsar and Ciarra hold hands, Anae appears in a burst of light and breaks the enchantment on Ciarra.

When she is rescued the Nightwalker let’s out a foul, foul scream and begins marching after you, moving insubstantially through buildings. NOW IS THE TIME TO RUN!

Soon, however, you hear the sounds of a Hunt. Howls of wolves begin to follow you as you move through the Shadowfell. No matter where they go or how fast they run, the Wolves catch up with them right before they get to their destination. There’s part of the pack waiting for them, an extremely winded wolf is in front of them, and as they stop, they can hear the other wolves now very, very close by.

The PCs defeat the wolves, but are battered and bruised, the appearance of a Death Knight upon a the six-legged Shadowsteed sends chill shivers down the PCs back… especially since it is between them and their exit.


Game 8
The Ritualist(s)

Game 8

After the successful rescue of Ciara, the PCs are blocked from returning to the real world by a Man on a 6-legged horse.

Getting off the Horse is Sir Duncan. The 6-legged horse fades into shadow, and Duncan holds the gate as the party passes through.

Then, the PCs continue to investigate the Ritual Killings, and discover the location of the next ritual.

They again enter the shadowfell to intervene, but are ambushed AGAIN by Blacklake’s Thugs, as they try to enter the tomb. Blacklake’s Lieutenant, Villmore, escapes the conflict.

The PCs then use one of the captured thugs and drag him into the shadowfell. They use his fear to navigate the darkness – the Shadowfell takes you only where you FEAR to go, like and unlike the Feywilde.

At the Ritual Site, they see it is set up like an ambush. The Unseelie witch they did not kill earlier in the tomb is now here, and sets her undead minions on the party.

They finally kill her, and when they do, they learn that McCovney and Ki’Yora have moved on to a City Called Davenport in order to continue the ritual. It appears they have failed to do so in other cities, like Norrel and Haven.


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