Calsar Kruth

Elven Ranger/Druid


Calsar Kruth, level 5 Elf, Ranger Build: Archer Ranger Fighting Style: Archer Fighting Style

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 13, Dex 21, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 13, Dex 18, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 10.

AC: 20 Fort: 15 Reflex: 19 Will: 16 HP: 45 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 11

TRAINED SKILLS Dungeoneering +10, Perception +12, Stealth +12, Acrobatics +12, Athletics +7, Nature +12

UNTRAINED SKILLS Arcana +2, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Endurance +3, Heal +5, History +2, Insight +5, Intimidate +2, Religion +2, Streetwise +2, Thievery +7

FEATS Level 1: Initiate of the Old Faith Level 2: Weapon Expertise (Bow) Level 4: Fast Runner

POWERS Initiate of the Old Faith: Pounce Ranger at-will 1: Nimble Strike Ranger at-will 1: Twin Strike Ranger encounter 1: Evasive Strike Ranger daily 1: Hunt’s End Ranger utility 2: Yield Ground Ranger encounter 3: Disruptive Strike Ranger daily 5: Close-Combat Shot

ITEMS Longsword, Arrows (60), Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit, Pitons (10), Wounding Longbow +1, Alchemist’s Frost (level 1) (4), Darkleaf Leather Armor +1, Cloak of Distortion +1, Firestorm Arrow +1 (10), Bracers of Archery (heroic tier), Nail of Sealing (heroic tier)


Calsar doesn’t know who his birth parents are. He was found in the woods by a human ranger shortly after being born, his mother having died in child birth. He knows his mother was a Hoarfrost elf because his adopted father described her to Calsar when he was older and gave him a necklace she was wearing when he found her. Calsar always wears this necklace under his armor.

Calsar is friendly and carefree by nature. He always seems to be having a good time even in the face of danger. He is not the most responsible person in the world and tends to get distracted easily. He is earnest and seems naïve at first, but he is very astute and just prefers to assume the best about people until given reason to do otherwise. Calsar is a Ranger first, but has also trained as a Druid along with his brother. He can assume the form of a white wolf.

Calsar’s has a brother named Byran who is the same age as Calsar. He was a practically a new born himself when Calsar was found. They have spent their whole lives together and are close any true brother would be. However, their personalities are almost exact opposites. Where Calsar tends to be erratic and hasty, Bryan is dependable and level headed. Ciara is ten years younger than Calsar and Byran. They were not very close with their sister when she was younger, both Calsar and Byran were practically living in the woods by the time Ciara was born. But they have grown closer as she has gotten older. They are both very protective of their little sister.

Ciara hardly knew her brothers when she younger. They were gone for long stretches of time and would always come back with stories of the wondrous things they had encountered deep in the forest. For a long time she was jealous, but as she aged things changed. When she was old enough she started going with them on their adventures. Although Byran was reluctant to take her at first saying it was too dangerous, Calsar insisted on taking her along. Before long they had grown closer as siblings and more. Ciara idolized both of her brothers, but it wasn’t lost on her that Calsar was not her blood kin. She was fascinated by the fact that he was an elf and was smitten by his friendly smile and carefree attitude. She would never admit her feeling for him, but she hopes he will fill the same one day. Her personality is similar to Calsar’s in some ways. She is adventurous and fiercely independent, but is more focused on achieving her goals and manipulative than Calsar.

Calsar’s family lived as pioneers on the Border. However Calsar’s father passed away a few years ago and his mother has found it increasing difficult to make ends meet with only her daughter living at home. She has decided to move to Durein where she has a sister. She also hopes the city environment will help Ciara become more civilized and find a nice man to marry and settle down. Calsar and his siblings are less than enthusiastic about moving to the city, but are following their mother’s wishes.

For more information see: Calsar’s Family

Calsar Kruth

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