Azrael Kezef


p(. Full Name: Azrael Kezef
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Fighter – Paladin Hybrid
Paragon Path: Vengeful Crusader
Epic Destiny: Adamantine Soldier

Ability Scores
p(. Strength (STR): 22 (6)
+Constitution (CON)
: 22 (6)
+Dexterity (DEX)
: 12 (1)
+Intelligence (INT)
: 12 (1)
+Wisdom (WIS)
: 13 (1)
+Charisma (CHA)
: 22 (+6)

p(. Hit Points: 226
Armor Class: 50
Fortitude Defense: 45
Reflex Defense: 37
Will Defense: 45
Movement: 8
Initiative Bonus: 15
+Attack Bonus
: +33

Trained Skills
p(. Athletics: 24
: 24
: 21
: +29

p(. Toughness
Hybrid Talent – Paladin Armor Proficiency
Stubborn Survivor
Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Skill Focus – Intimidate
Action Surge
Die Hard
Mercurial Weapon Mastery
Devastating Critical
Armor Specialization (Plate)
Resounding Thunder
Combat Anticipation
Bloody Tenacity
Epic Will
Epic Fortitude
Axe Mastery
Indomitable Will
Opportune Reflexes
Unyielding Fortitude

Prayers and Exploits
At Will
p(. Ardent Strike (Paladin)
Crushing Surge (Fighter)
Virtuous Strike (Paladin)

p(. Driving Force (Vengeful Crusader)
Shattering Smite (Paladin)
Behemoth Wrath (Fighter)
Indomitable Battle Strike (Fighter)

p(. Righteous Resolve (Paladin)
Crusader’s Vengeance (Vengeful Crusader)
Earthquake Smash (Fighter)
Prostration (Paladin)

p(. Endure Pain (Endurance Skill)
Wrath of the Gods (Paladin)
Mighty Surge (Fighter)
Crusader’s Stance (Vengeful Crusader)
Diehard (Endurance Skill)
Steadfast Stance (Fighter)
Enexorable Advance – Epic (Adamantine Soldier)

Paragon Path and Epic Destiny Features
p(. Vengeance’s Imperative (Vengeful Crusader)
Vengeful Action (Vengeful Crusader)
Vengeful Shield (Vengeful Crusader)

Armor Supremacy (Adamantine Soldier)
Unbreakable Skin (Adamantine Soldier)
Hard to Kill (Adamantine Soldier)

Magic Items
p(. Scharfrichter der Schwärzung
Armor of the Temple Aegis
Heavy Shield of the Barrier Sentinels (Epic Tier)
Helm of Heroes (Epic Tier)
Periapt of Cascading Health +6
Iron Armbands of Power (Epic Tier)
Great Hero’s Gauntlets (Epic Tier)
Ring of Free Time (Epic Tier)
Dauntless Champion’s Ring (Epic Tier)
Stalwart Belt (Epic Tier)
Sandals of Avandra (Epic Tier)


Azrael Kezef

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