4E Farlanthia

Game 11

Tieflings, Pirates, and Elves, Oh My!

Game 11

Axe-Breaker leads the party to the edge of the Norwood on the eastern coast and down through the woods to a small village.

She says the village is likely the next target – as it is one of the only few that have not been attacked in the area. The party tries to garner more information from the villagers, but they are more afraid than anything else and all the talk is just irrational fear.

The party does find a small water elemental spirit in a tidal pool nearby, and Calsar tries to communicate with it. The flighty spirit reveals that the tiefling slavers arrive via boat. This confirms the party’s suspicions that they are using some kind of illusion to cover their movements. Marid has a miniature brainstorm and realizes that they are using a specific type of illusion – a mirage. The Mirage ritual makes anything underneath it look like water. It is perfect for ambushes in the desert – and ironically for concealing one’s movements while at sea.

Since the area of it is so large, Na’Yumi thinks that the spell must be being aided by an artifact of some kind. It couldn’t be transported via boat, so it must be on an island nearby. Axe-Breaker says that there are dozens and dozens of islands nearby, and searching all of them would take months – and that the island is also likely covered by this mirage.

So the party is left with little choice but how to get onboard one of the raiding craft. They devise a plan and use Marid as bait. In order to appear like the Gedjik Fanatics, Marid eats some hot coals. Immune to the damage caused by the fire, Marid’s eyes begin to glow an evil red.

The party sets Marid out as bait in the village, and it isn’t long before the tiefling raiders come. The tide comes in and they appear instantly on the shore – a raiding party of a dozen or more. The sgt. runs up to Marid and unties him. Only to be accosted by the rest of the party, as they ambush the raiders. Outnumbered and outgunned, the raiders grab Marid and run back for the boats. Only half of them still living, the raiders pile into one landing craft and make off for the ship. Na’Yumi casts water-breathing on the rest of the PCs, and Wyk sneaks onboard the raider’s craft. The rest of the PCs take the other craft and try to storm the ship, but the craft is shot out from underneath them and begins to sink. Aided by the waterbreathing, the PCs trail underwater and follow the ship to its destination.

On the way to their destination, Wyk frames the first mate for stealing gold, jewels and magic items from the captain’s quarters.

The destination is a Pirate Caldera, where the Tieflings have made some kind of deal with the local pirate king to let them use the island as a staging platform. The two groups have a high amount of animosity between them, only kept in check by the flow of gold.

When Marid arrives, he sends off a Sending back to Axe-Breaker letting her know where they are and what the situation is. He meets up with Wyk, and the two of them devise some kind of a plan to accuse the first mate of being a Crimsonite and start spreading rumors to that effect. Wyk uses prestidigitation to place a Crimsonite Tattoo on the first mate, and allows a pirate to discover it.

Anarchy ensues, with wild accusations flying about and quickly turns to violence between the two groups. Under the cover of the chaos, Marid and Wyk make their way to join the rest of the group.

The party then makes their way up the cliffs to the Pirate King’s mansion, and to the highest room in that building (duh!) there, they see a standoff between the Pirate King and the Tiefling Captain.

Posing as crimsonites, they form a delicate alliance with the Pirate King and attack the Tieflings. However, the wizard that is maintaining the illusion has secretly begun to alter the ritual to make it activate the dormant volcano in the caldera. Na’Yumi spends her actions attempting to diffuse the bomb, and unlike the last one, this time she succeeds! (due to the lack of “aid” by Marid and Wyk)

The PCs defeat the Tieflings, and then fight the Pirates to a standstill, and make a final deal with the Pirate King.

However, once the illusion was gone, Axe-Breaker and her elves stormed the island, killing everyone in their path. A few groups of pirates and tieflings escape the massacre via ships, but the Pirate King does not.

The party is thanked, given a share of the gold from the Pirate’s treasure, and are given another banquet in their honor…


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