4E Farlanthia

Game 10

Wolves of Darkness...

Game 10

Axe-Breaker sends word by animal messenger that the PCs are to meet her at the Waystone by the edge of the norwood where they left.

This will mean a 4-week journey across the plains of Durein (assuming they aren’t pulling wagons). The plains would have been a difficult journey, during this time of drought, but Sir Duncan had acquired a magic Campsite and Picnic basket which kept the party well supplied.

As they Journey, they come across the Centuars that they saved in a previous journey by discovering an underground fountain of water.

  • They learn that there are goblins coming out of the swamps in greater numbers, spurned on by an invading army that has horns. Like you, Marid.
  • They have seen fires in the Norwood
  • A band of crimson-robed men died of thirst not too far from here. They seemed to be carrying something of importance. We tried to help them, but they only attacked us when we approached.
  • Two werewolves have been spotted patrolling the Dragon’s Claw Mountains

The next morning, the PCs investigate the dead crimsonites.

  • They rise from the dead if their corpses are disturbed as gouls and ghasts!
  • They were carrying a powerful artifact, which sapped them of their life-strength.
  • Notes suggest that they could not destroy it where they found it, but were returning with it so it could be properly disposed of. They describe destroying the necromantic cult and recovering the weapon from the champion at a great cost.
  • The item is a broken blade of Orcus, which is given to champions of undeath. It is made from the blade of a hero, broken, and cursed.
  • The PCs could destroy the blade at a church or other location.

Later that night…

  • The werewolves find the PCs
  • This combat would have been INSANE if they provoke the badguys into fighting. They’ll attack the PCs until they are all down. FORTUNATELY, the PCs manage to talk the 2 level 8 Solo monsters into NOT fighting them, and instead the PCs are allowed to carry this evil artifact to a church in Borderkeep where it is subsequently destroyed.
  • Anae donates the 5000 residuum from the item to the Church.

The party makes it to the Norwood OK, and they are allowed some time in the city. The Lady will meet with them later that “night” since it is always twilight there (in 4-6 hours).

Marid goes to see Cerridwyn… * What does she have to tell him? Not much other than being reunited with her family. That she hopes that he can help them. The Norwood is in great danger, since the Tieflings can fight while in a fire… they may set fire to the entire southern forest with all the drought that we’ve had this year!

Calsar moving around town…

  • They are seen as “oddities” here, and different types of looks ranging from hatred to curiosity.
  • Calsar sees Garry here! He follows him down to a strange quarter of the city, where a Dwarf runs a curio shop. Calsar is subsequently enthralled by the many objects of wonder in the shop – including a stick with only one end!
  • The party, realizing Calsar is not yet back, go to search for him. They find the shop easily enough, and Marid purchases a small ebony and gold puzzle box.

As they prepare for the evening, one of the servant girls does something horrible – she accidentally drops a magical item in the hallway, stealing a healing surge from everyone. The PCs are nice to her, however, and help her pick up the mess.

Before the Meeting…

  • Axe-Breaker appears to the party telling them that they’ll have to convince The Lady that they are the solution to the Tiefling problem. Oh, and they’ll likely have to convince the rest of her court that you’re the solution as well.
  • “Why us?”
  • “Because Cerridwyn vouched for your honor, Marid. And if it comes out that she lied to The Lady, well… I’d hate to think what would happen to her because of you.” <glare>
  • “Here…” she hands you each a necklace. “This will translate into and out of Elven for those of you who can’t speak it.”

Court of the Autumn Queen


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