4E Farlanthia

Game 9


Game 9

Sir Martin invites the party for an award ceremony to be held in their honor.

Award ceremony (small, mainly a hall gathered with town guard, concerned citizens, and some of the victim’s families). The reward is 3600 gold, in addition to an honorary guard position. They may be called to defend the city again!

Among them is a wealthy family, the Tanemoores. The Tanemoores were an old friend of Wyk’s father. They give the party 10,000 gold for stopping the murders. Jaden Tanemoore is a fellow knight of Calidore, but he’s ended up being a court knight than anything else.

There is also a crimsonite there, by the name of Lady Elkavine.

After the award ceremony, the PCs plan to go to the Norwood to speak with The Lady. They have a few days, however.

During that time Wyk discovers the location of the Crimsonites who are planning on killing him. The PCs fortify the Estate, but the night of the supposed attack, only Lady Elkavine comes to confront the party. They let her in, and they learn that she is there to arrest Wyk for the murder of several of her fellow Crimsonites. They obviously refuse her request after a lengthy discussion. She then casts the dust in the air, and around them appear a dozen armed crimsonites. She screams, “Know your fate – for it shall be the same as your father’s!”

The party easily dispatches the fanatics, and Sir Duncan takes their bodies to the Temple for a proper Burial.


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