4E Farlanthia

Game 8

The Ritualist(s)

Game 8

After the successful rescue of Ciara, the PCs are blocked from returning to the real world by a Man on a 6-legged horse.

Getting off the Horse is Sir Duncan. The 6-legged horse fades into shadow, and Duncan holds the gate as the party passes through.

Then, the PCs continue to investigate the Ritual Killings, and discover the location of the next ritual.

They again enter the shadowfell to intervene, but are ambushed AGAIN by Blacklake’s Thugs, as they try to enter the tomb. Blacklake’s Lieutenant, Villmore, escapes the conflict.

The PCs then use one of the captured thugs and drag him into the shadowfell. They use his fear to navigate the darkness – the Shadowfell takes you only where you FEAR to go, like and unlike the Feywilde.

At the Ritual Site, they see it is set up like an ambush. The Unseelie witch they did not kill earlier in the tomb is now here, and sets her undead minions on the party.

They finally kill her, and when they do, they learn that McCovney and Ki’Yora have moved on to a City Called Davenport in order to continue the ritual. It appears they have failed to do so in other cities, like Norrel and Haven.


Maethalion Maethalion

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