4E Farlanthia

Game 6

Game 6 Recap

Sorry this is brief, I’ve been much too busy with the new job. Last week disappeared somewhere and I’m not sure how.

The party had found their way down into the sewers of the Shadowfell, and made their way past the beast known as “Niawynne’s Guardian” and to the blood-stained Iron-wrought Door.

The door was locked and trapped, but easily evaded by Wyk.

It opened up into a corridor filled with bones on either side, the ground, and the ceiling. Strange sights befell our heroes as they passed through…

At the end of the corridor (other exits are blocked off, chocked with skeletons), they can see a small room setup like a temporary base of operations. In the far corner, two magic circles encircle a strange device, and none other than Ki’Yora. David McCovney is rapidly gathering papers as Ki’Yora messes with the strange device at her feet.

When McCovney is confronted, he responds:
  • Anae, Anae, you couldn’t understand. How could you? You’re just a peasant’s daughter. You’ll understand when I’m done. Once you see the salvation that I’ve wrought. If there’s any threatening action taken, he says as he activates a ring on his hand.
  • _Na-Ah! Sir Durein, I charge you to protect us. Sir Durein begins to glow red, and his countenance falls as he is under McCovney’s control._
He summons a cadre of Eladrin Spirit Knights. All wearing the Livery of House Ulthuan. Ki’Yora says to Na’Yumi:
  • Now, maybe you understand? All of them, all of our people are trapped here. Run, Na’Yumi, please run, you can’t live through what’s coming. Leave this place, sister; I don’t want to have to rescue your soul as well.

And with that they continue the ritual to leave through the portal and place a small arcane device on the ground.

Calsar notices that McCovney drops a scroll case as he’s leaving, in addition to an ornate

The Knights Salute a party member, and set it alight with dark silvery fire.

Each round of combat a crystal lights up, and there are 10 crystals. The spirits are defeated, but first Wyk causes another crystal to light up, and Marid comes in and fares no better! After the last crystal lights up, the device begins to hum and whrrr… and then bolts of arcane energy erupt from it – it will detonate!!!

Sir Durein comes in at the last second and shields the party with his last bit of energy. They survive, but the entire estate is now a blasted crater, two blocks in diameter.

He salutes Calidore, “It has been an honor, Calidore. You do this family proud.”

A few moments later, the party regains consciousness in the bottom of a crater in the Shadowfell. Standing near them, is the still active portal of the mirror, fused now into the bedrock.

When they return to the real world, they are shocked to discover that the estate has been restored to its original state! Complete with Orchard!

They report to Sir Martin their findings, including a note about Ciara running away. In addition to McCovney’s dagger, the pattern of ritualistic killings, information from Lady Liadain, the party concludes the House Bheur is making ritualistic sacrifices out of some of its new recruits!

And that the ritual, if complete, will free a “demon” (or other evil entity) and loose it on this world!


Maethalion Maethalion

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