4E Farlanthia

Game 7

Game 7 Recap

The PCs are searching for Ciara. Note: Sir Durein can only hold open the Gate for an hour – midnight to 1 am. If the PCs don’t get there and back in time, then the gate will close and they’ll have to find another way back. Anae and Wyk are not available, as they have “other” business to attend to.

One of the scraps that survives the destruction of the shadowfell estate is a note that describes Ciara as having “run away” into the darkness, unable to cope with her betrayal.

The labyrinthine streets in front of you branch in odd directions, and at impossible angles… this is a city of Madness! Traveling in the Shadowfell is incredibly difficult, because you have to not choose the direction you feel like you should be going out of despair. Hence, it requires Insight Checks.

A Giant Nightwalker patrols the streets of the city, and can be seen towering above the buildings. The Nightwalker’s gaze passes over the PCs, who loose Two Healing surges each, as their life drains from them.

The PCs reach the base of the Cathedral, only to see the Ciara is balanced on the top of the spire of the cathedral. She appears like she might commit suicide at any moment. Calling out to her has no effect.

There are some Dark Ones and other shadowfell intelligent creatures living in the cathedral. As you enter, there is trash strewn about and a foul odor. You can also hear loud voices from upstairs…

As the PCs approach the door, they can hear nasty, high-pitched voices inside: 1: “Hey, Sniggort, it’s your turn.” 2: “Oi, give me a minute you maggot. That damn girl isn’t jumping.” 1: “We’re playin’ cards stupid. IT’S YOUR TURN.” 3: “Bargle, leave Sniggort alone.” Says a deeper voice. 2: “I don’t need your sympathy Dorg. Alright, fine, hit me.” WHUMP 1: “Heheheheheh” 2: “That’s it Bargle, I’m gonna cut you up.” draws blade

sounds of a small struggle ensue

3: “Hey, you maggots. Someone’s ‘ere.”

The big one says as Calidore moves up the stairs. He, being half-unseelie, attempts to bargain for Ciarra with the Dark Ones until Marid comes up the steps and offers his pact dagger in exchange for the girl. One of the more sly Dark Ones comes out of the corner, and greedily agrees to the bargain.

The form of darkening shadows, a flock of shadow bats have arrived making even communication difficult, due to the fact that the Nightwalker is now see walking directly towards you.

Then Calidore teleports and swaps places with Ciarra, he falling to the roof in a clatter of armor and sword. He gets Ciarra back inside – only to be jumped by the Dark Ones, whose greed overcame what little sense of honor they had.

The fight is brief, and when Calsar and Ciarra hold hands, Anae appears in a burst of light and breaks the enchantment on Ciarra.

When she is rescued the Nightwalker let’s out a foul, foul scream and begins marching after you, moving insubstantially through buildings. NOW IS THE TIME TO RUN!

Soon, however, you hear the sounds of a Hunt. Howls of wolves begin to follow you as you move through the Shadowfell. No matter where they go or how fast they run, the Wolves catch up with them right before they get to their destination. There’s part of the pack waiting for them, an extremely winded wolf is in front of them, and as they stop, they can hear the other wolves now very, very close by.

The PCs defeat the wolves, but are battered and bruised, the appearance of a Death Knight upon a the six-legged Shadowsteed sends chill shivers down the PCs back… especially since it is between them and their exit.



Maethalion Maethalion

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