4E Farlanthia

Game 4

In which certain things come to pass.

Game 4

In which certain matters are dealt with.

Cleaning out the Estate

In the immediate aftermath of the fight in the graveyard, Calidore sets out burning the Necromancers and the cult’s trappings. In the process of doing so, however, there is a small altercation.

Amidst the rubble, the do end up discovering a magical Holy Symbol and some other items.

The PCs aren’t able to clear out a portion of the estate… it is far too run-down at this point. Most of the wooden structure is missing, and the rest is well over grown. The majority of the stone structure still stands, as does the Chapel. Therefore, they turn their attention to the more recently built apartments in the back of the lot. These apartments were built when the city tried to reclaim the “haunted” lot, so they were a lot easier to renovate and make partway livable by the evening.

The Ghost

That evening, while on watch, Na’Yumi spies a ghost wandering the graveyard. Perhaps there is some truth to the location being haunted… On the morrow, Na’Yumi tells the rest of the party what she saw, and they plan to investigate the sighting later that evening.

Knight Marshal Sir Martin D’Rhanee

The PCs arrive at the consulate building for luncheon with Sir Martin as arranged. They are escorted to a small conference room where a light meal is served. During the meal, Sir Martin addresses each individual at the table, inquiring about things such as the player’s past, the estate, the ghost, the prophesy, and even bringing up Wyk’s father.

He is about to comment on something about Calsar, when a young official bursts into the room.

“Sorry! Sir, so sorry.”

“What is it, O’Rourke, can’t you see I’m busy entertaining?”

“There’s been another, Sir.”

“Argh!” Sir Martin throws his napkin on the table and pushes back. “I must take my leave, there are important matters to attend to.” He stands to go,

“What is so urgent?” Na’Yumi inquires.

“There’s been a rash of ritualistic murders in the city.” Sir Martin straightens his attire, “We’ve got it under control. O’Rourke? Let’s – wait, hold on.” He pulls off the signet ring on his hand and gives it to Calidore. “Here, Cal, take this. It is our family’s signet ring. The ghost may be more amicable to you if you present him with this.”

And with that, Sir Martin and the young Official exit the room. Na’Yumi turns to follow, but is stopped by the mention of visiting the Library.

The Cathedral’s Library

The party makes their way over to the Cathedral’s library, where they are escorted in under a watchful eye. (Especially Marid). The Priest shows them to the archives.

  • Anae discovers that the Estate pre-dates the archives. It must have been built during the Age of Man.
  • Marid finds a mirror and discusses certain things with his Patron. She doesn’t give any light on the prophesy, but does tell him the name of a Mirror within house Bheur.
  • Wyk, while out and about, being bored in the Library, is passed a small envelope.

Jacob Blacklake

As the party is returning from the Library and being out on the town, they are intercepted at the gates of The Estate, by none other than Jacob Blacklake and his thugs! Jacob accuses them of killing one of his best customers, and then orders his men to teach the party why they shouldn’t cross Jacob Blacklake.

Well, the party hands him a sound defeat, and he retreats into the darkness. They interrogate one of the survivors, press Blacklake’s gang symbol (a bunch of crow feathers) into his hand, and tell him to run back to his master.

Wyk follows

As the party continues to clean out the estate, they find the Necromancer’s hidden stash. This was probably Blacklake’s goal… Were they really his customers? Enemies? Who knows…


Maethalion Maethalion

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