4E Farlanthia

Game Two

The Feywilde

Game Two

When we last left our heroes, they had been ambushed by a group of halfling assassins…

Interrogate the Halfling Assassin

Calsar had captured the only halfling to survive the encounter (PCs not included) and dragged him back to the manor for interrogation.

A fierce argument between the halfing assassin, Wyk, Calidore, Marid, and Na’Yumi Ulthran breaks out. Wyk wants to kill the assassin, while the rest of the party wants him alive. Na’Yumi wants him to be her servant, while Calidore and Marid want him to remain in captivity.

Amidst the arguing and yelling, the party learns a few things:

  • The Assassin’s name is Elsgad Forthknuckle
  • The clan chief (the older corpse on the floor) is Greggory Forthknuckle… twice removed on his mother’s side.
  • Wyk is a Halfling Prince! Apparently the son of a Tyrant (and cause for more arguing and yelling).
  • Wyk’s father, Gunari, was a Halfling King when Calidore was a young lad. Calidore remembers the halfling King, but not much else about him.
  • The other halfling clan chiefs made deals with outside help to try and assassinate the Halfling King. The claim that Gunari was a “Tyrant” is under much dispute.
  • They got help from the Crimsonites… but the Crimson King demanded too high of a price, and now the Faddain Halflings can’t afford to pay it… so they were tasked with “finishing” the job: Killing Wyk.

The Halfling assassin abruptly ends the interrogation by swallowing a cyanide pill, all the while screaming and giggling: “HAHAHAHAhahahahaahheheeeeeeeee!!! No rest for you in the afterlife Prince! They’ll kill you and take your soul as they did your fa-huk-urk-HNGLH!” and then immidiatly stiffens and dies.

Leaving everyone shocked and stunned.

Garry’s Gifts

The next morning, before the caravan leaves for the Norwood, Garry grants the PCs some gifts.

Journey through the Forest

The caravan heads out before dawn. As dawn breaks, you are moving through the Norwood at a good pace. The road is a bit overgrown – but that’s making it easier for the wagons to pass on the muddy road.

As Calsar is scouting, he notices a strange thing. Odd, it has been at least an hour, but the sun hasn’t risen above “dawn.” Sure enough, when Calsar rounds the next bend in the trail, the road disappears into a daisy covered clearing.

You’re in the Feywilde!

The party puts their heads together and…

  • Elves navigate long distances in the Feywilde via Waystones.
  • Travel in the Feywilde is more by will than by walking. Travel is done by using natural landmarks: A River, Particular Tree, Stone Outcropping, etc. Waystones are another natural marker to travel to.
  • The Waystones usually require a unique Keyword: A Home and Forwarding Address in order to travel.
  • A Fey living near the waystone should know the Keyword.

The Waystone

After navigating for another half hour, the PCs come upon another clearing in the wood. They can hear the sounds of soft crying coming from near the waystone, and upon closer examination they can see a small Pixie cying on a toadstool in the shade of the Waystone.

When asked she…

  • Introduces herself as Puddles
  • “I’m crying because everyone is gone!”
  • “Who? Everyone, Mama, Papa, Juju, little Gumbee, and even elder Gaffstaff is missing!”
  • “Maybe the goblins took them?”
  • “Oh no, maybe the dragon ATE them?”
  • “Waaaagh! Boohoo!”
  • “Sniff… No, I don’t know where they are… I live here!” [Points at the Ground at her feet]
  • “Maybe… yeah! Mabbymeh would know!”
  • “Who? The Naiad, DUH!
  • “C’mon, follow me!”

The party leaves the caravan at the waystone (a safe location) and in the hands of a couple of young men of the Caravan, including Calsar’s brother who is a Druid. They follow Puddles as she leads them to the naiad.


Puddles leads the party to a small pond in the middle of the forest.

She skims out over the lake, calling out “Mabbymeh, Mabbymeh!” and soon a naiad comes up from the lake bed. After talking briefly with Puddles, she moves to join the PCs near the shore.

After some introductions, the PCs ask her if she knows the where the rest of Puddle’s family is.

  • “No, I’m afraid I do not, fair folk. I highly suspect that the goblins are up to their usual tricks, but I do not know where the goblins might be.”
  • “I do know where the dragon is, and he should know where the goblins are.”
  • “In exchange for the little one’s safety, I’ll gladly share with you the Keyword for both this waystone, and one close to the edge of the Norwood.”

After the PCs agree, Mabbymeh casts a small illusion into the waters of the pond… “Here, here is where you’ll find the dragon.” In the ripples of the water, an image of an outcropping of Rock and a Dragon sunbathing form.

Dealing with Dragons

The sound of breathing gets louder as you near the cliff face. Before you is a large Blue Dragon, slumbering peacefully and sunning himself on a large moss-covered rock in the forest glade.

  • “I can smell you Ki’Yora – ah… hrmmm…” The Dragon picks up his head. “Familiar, but different. Who dares disturb me?”
  • [Perception Check: The Dragon mutters under his breath… ”Different, yet familiar. Oh, this IS turning out to be an interesting day!”] * At first, the dragon tries to persuade the PCs that he doesn’t know where the pixies are, “The Stupid pixies? No, I don’t know what happened to them.”
  • After pushing, “Oh, alright. They were bothering me YET AGAIN so I paid the goblins to kidnap them.”
  • “Why? Because seeing them tortured is so much more fun than eating them. Trust me, they taste terrible.”

Marid comes up with a clever plan… “Dragon, the goblin’s didn’t do their job. You see, they missed a Pixie. What say you, tell us where they are, and we’ll get you your money back! A refund, if you would.”

“Hrmm,” ponders the Dragon, “I do believe a refund is in order. Very well, I paid them 200 gold to kidnap the pixies. The Goblins are in a ravine, about a mile to the south of here. Make sure you get 200 gold, and not a copper less. I won’t pay for shoddy service.”

The party heads off in search of the goblins, the pixies, and the Dragon’s refund.

Goblins in the Ravine

To say that the goblins are in the ravine is an understatement. There is a small goblin army in the ravine by the waterfall. Perhaps 200 plus goblins, most of them combat ready. What do the PCs do? The PCs put their heads together and think…

  • The goblin chief probably has the Pixies in a Cold Iron cage. He’ll be in the Big Tent.
  • If we attack outright, the chief could kill the pixies or make his escape before we get to him.
  • “Oh,” spies one of the PCs, “There’s a cave door near the Big Tent and Waterfall. The noise from the waterfall should cover our steps.”
  • In the Feywilde, all doors and paths lead somewhere for there are no dead ends.

Calsar tracks the tunnel to the other side, and spies it between another outcropping of rock. The tunnel is narrow, but the PCs make it through.

Tricksy Traps in the Tunnel

As they near the end of the tunnel, it comes to an abrupt end. In front of them is a stone door, set in a small well-chiseled room.

Wyk immediately spots the pit trap in the floor which is triggered by opening the door, and moves to disarm it – until he spots the Rock-Drop trap in the ceiling. The traps are rigged ingeniously enough, so that disarming the pit trap causes the rock to fall and crush whomever tried to disarm the pit.

The PCs put their heads together and come up with a plan. Marid performs the Silence ritual, and Wyk sets off both traps so that the Rock fills the pit below. Wyk narrowly avoids death, but the traps have been defeated. The party continues onward…

The Chief’s Hut

The PCs sneak up and scout out the hut – until one of the guards catches sight of Calsar! Then the fight was on! As the Boss tried to escape with the Pixies, dozens of goblins came pouring out of the tents to attack the PCs!

The PCs do, however, overhear the Chieftain trying to turn the Pixies into powder or something else for someone called… Ki’Yora...

The fight is fierce, and Deirdre, Calidore, and Marid are dropped to 0hp. Not for long, however, as everyone kept near Anae. Wyk snuck around, killed the goblin carrying the cage, and set the Pixies free. Who then proceeded to drench him in pixie dust, making it nigh impossible for him to hide for the rest of the combat (he rolled so bad).

The PCs finally drop the goblin chieftain, but before they can recover the Dragon’s refund, they are forced flee as the rest of the goblin encampment is roused and clambering after them.

The PCs and the Pixies flee through the tunnel, and a well-placed Thunderwave collapses the room with the Traps, ensuring the PCs escape.

Return, Reunite, Rejoice!

Mabbymeh is eternally grateful for the return of the Pixies. She tells the PCs tat the Keyword is “Lashalana” and the other waystone is “Tishalena.” As reward for your faithful service, Mabbymeh rewards Wyk with something that fell into her lake a long time ago.

  • Distance Shuriken

In addition, Mabbymeh gifts Deirdre with a twig from one of the more ancient trees in the forest.

  • Summer Growth Totem

And she also grants Calsar some water from her pond.

As the PCs turn to leave via the waystone, Mabbymeh suggests against it. “To leave now would mean to return to early in the real world. Please, wait a while longer before returning. Being in two places at the same time can have… detrimental effects. I wouldn’t want anything to befall you, my heroes.” The PCs have an opportunity to take an extended rest, and train up on the skills they’ve learned.


I’m a little worried about the 200gp we meant to give the dragon. However, I’m fairly sure he made up that bit just so we’d go and get killed by the goblins. And it almost worked!

Game Two

Haha, I suppose the dragon will just have to live with dissapointment.

Or hunt you down in your sleep.

Whichever, right?

Game Two

Na’Yumi: If he comes after us, I’m gonna tell him it was YOUR idea!

Game Two

Technically, it was my idea. It’s okay, I’ll talk to him. I can explain everything…really!

Game Two
Maethalion Maethalion

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